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Program Announcement: Effective Teachers and Effective Teaching CFDA 84.305A

Program Officer:
Dr. Wai-Ying Chow
Telephone: (202) 245-8198

The Effective Teachers and Effective Teaching (Effective Teachers) topic supports research on strategies for improving the performance of classroom teachers in ways that promote student learning and academic achievement in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and — for English Learners — English language proficiency, from kindergarten through high school.

Through this topic, the Institute is interested in identifying and understanding: 1) the specific knowledge and skills a K–12 teacher must possess to promote student learning, 2) the most effective approaches to assess teacher knowledge and skills, 3) the most effective strategies for teachers to gain the necessary knowledge and skills, and 4) the most effective programs and policies for teacher recruitment, retention, certification, and evaluation that lead to the promotion of student learning.

The long-term outcome of this research will be an array of instructional practices, programs (e.g., professional development interventions), assessments, and policies (e.g., recruitment, retention, and teacher evaluation) that have been demonstrated to be effective for improving and assessing teaching and teachers in ways that are linked to improvement in student achievement.