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Reading Plus®
Reading Plus®
September 2010

Program Information

Developer and contact

Reading Plus® was developed by Taylor Associates/Communications, Inc. Address: Reading Plus®/Taylor Associates, 110 West Canal Street, Suite 301, Winooski, VT 05404. Email: Web: Telephone: (800) 732-3758; (802) 735-1942. Fax: (802) 419-4786.

Scope of use

The program is used in public and private elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, and reading clinics, as well as through home study courses. Students of all abilities and from multiple subpopulations, in both urban and rural settings, use Reading Plus®.


Reading Plus® includes web-based assessment and intervention components, as well as supplemental offline activities for direct instruction. After a student completes the initial assessments that determine the individual independent silent reading rate and level, the computer-based program assigns the student to the appropriate Reading Plus® intervention path and adapts to meet individual needs while the program is being used. The program length (and intensity) can vary from 9 weeks (3–4 times per week) to 30 weeks (5 times per week).

Within a typical 45-minute Reading Plus® session, students engage in the following activities:

  • Visual perceptual warm-up activities that aim to build attention, left-to-right tracking, perceptual accuracy, and the visual memory required for proficient reading
  • Scaffolded silent reading activities that dynamically adjust content-level difficulty, degree of repetition, duration of reading, rate, and style of presentation
  • Contextual analysis activities that aim to build word knowledge and contextual analysis skills, vocabulary mastery, and predictive and inferential abilities

Competency with 25 comprehension skills is tracked during the scaffolded silent reading activities, and students are assigned appropriately leveled offline skills lessons that target identified deficiencies. Teachers are provided guidelines for organizing small-group and whole-group comprehension skills instruction using these offline assignments.


Reading Plus® license and hosting costs for schools are based on the number of participating students. Costs in typical installations vary from $15 to $30 per student.