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What Works Clearinghouse

What Works in Math?

There’s no single answer to that broad question. Instead, what works varies by grade, subject, and even delivery model.

WWC products allow educators to better understand what works in different contexts. WWC intervention reports show which tools increase mathematics achievement by grade, while WWC practice guides show effective practices for topics such as fractions. Search our publications here.

math symbolsCalculating the Benefits: Using Intervention Reports to Understand Program Effectiveness

Intervention reports summarize findings of the highest-quality research on programs, practices, or policies in education. In 2015, the WWC restructured reviews of research on math interventions into two areas: Primary Mathematics and Secondary Mathematics. Find What Works is a search tool to compare the effectiveness of interventions.

Find What Works research evidence chart

Based on the research evidence, use Find What Works to…

spotlightSpotlight on Young Children

Early Numeracy

A PDF summary (3.9 MB) of the WWC recommendations on teaching math to young children provides suggestions for building on their interest in math.

5 Evidence-Based Recommendations for Teaching Math to Young Children

Selecting Math Instructional Materials

Building a foundation for later math learning begins with selecting math instructional materials. This new WWC video shows how research evidence can help you select a math program.