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What Works Clearinghouse

As part of an ongoing effort to increase transparency, promote collaboration, and encourage widespread use of the WWC standards, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) is currently establishing procedures that will:

  1. Provide external users with access to a WWC Blank Study Review Guide (SRG) Template. Additional information may be found in Table 1 below.

  2. Provide eligible users with WWC-Completed Study Review Guides (SRGs). These are guides that have been completed by WWC certified reviewers as part of the process used to assess the quality of the research studies according to WWC evidence standards. These guides also include details about research studies that the WWC uses when developing WWC reports. Procedures for sharing completed SRGs are currently in development.
  3. Establish agreements with external users of WWC SRG Templates who are interested and willing to contribute their externally completed study review guides to the WWC for possible inclusion in the WWC Studies Database. Procedures for accepting external content are currently in development.


Table 1.  Summary of Procedures for Obtaining WWC Blank Study Review Guide (SRG) Template
Description WWC SRG Templates were originally developed for use by WWC trained and certified reviewers who conduct WWC systematic reviews of the research evidence. The WWC Blank SRG Template is an Excel file that leads the study reviewer through the WWC systematic review process. The SRG Template is accompanied by an instruction booklet.  
Availability and Authorized Use The WWC Blank SRG Template and instruction booklet are publicly available for download and use based on the terms and conditions as outlined below.
Terms of Use Prior to downloading, the user agrees to an online description of terms and conditions. Specifically, the user agrees to the following:
  1. Any product resulting from the use of the WWC SRG Template is not considered to be a WWC review and should not be described as such.
  2. Any research product resulting from the use of the WWC SRG Template must acknowledge the WWC and IES as described in the agreement.
Publications Resulting from Use of WWC SRGs Users are encouraged to submit a copy of any research product resulting from the use of the WWC Blank SRG Template to IES within 30 days of publication or dissemination.