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Sharing Findings

The field of data science education is still in early stages, and many questions remain that require additional study and evaluation. Documenting lessons learned from implementation, practices that show promise against chosen outcomes, and benefits generated for students and the community will be critical. Even more critically, sharing interventions that did not work as expected, and mid-course corrections that proved fruitful, can help others when implementing programs.

Consider the following steps to share results with peer education institutions:

  • Compile relevant data, lessons learned, and reflections from Step 5 into a sharable document or other format.
  • Ensure any data shared is anonymized, and that all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is removed. To support your work, review the Department of Education Privacy Technical Assistance Center's:
  • Ensure all data disclosure procedures and other district policies protecting student privacy have been followed, and consider consulting research & evaluation staff before publishing or sharing with outside entities.
  • Contact your state education agency (SEA) to share program results and reflections, making them available to other schools and districts.
  • Contact stakeholders involved in program design, including institutes of higher education, local industry partners, or relevant nonprofit organizations.
  • Share the most relevant or condensed results with parents, primary caregivers, and other community members, and consider leveraging materials for future school years or program iterations.