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IES Grant

Title: An Independently Usable Multimedia Software System in Listening Comprehension and Auditory Repetition Priming for Intellectually Disabled Non-Readers
Center: NCSER Year: 2005
Principal Investigator: Stock, Steven Awardee: AbleLink Technologies
Program: Small Business Innovation Research in Special Education      [Program Details]
Award Period: 2 years Award Amount: $500,000
Type: Phase II Development Award Number: R305S050010

Purpose: Auditory recall skills are fundamental to independent functioning at school, work, or in social situations for students with intellectual disabilities who cannot read text-based materials. The purpose of this project is to develop an auditory repetition priming and assessment software system that provides personalized tutorials on user-defined content. The system will permit special education teachers to integrate curricular content that will be presented to students in an individualized tutorial session by an on-screen human avatar through text-to-speech voices. Students will learn on their own and at their own pace, thus enabling more efficient use of teacher time for overall class instruction. Modules will be developed to assess knowledge retention.

Project Activities: Technological activities will include prototype and full-scale system development. The evaluation will focus on student knowledge gains made on teacher defined content.

Products: Products will include a software system through which special education teachers can embed relevant curriculum content to provide individualize tutorials for auditory repetition priming and assessment. Teachers will be able to track progress through a web-based infrastructure. Supplemental products will include a "User Guide" and "Best Practices" manual.