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IES Contract

Title: Early Intervention Orientation and Mobility App with Pediatric Can and Smart Belt for Toddlers
Center: NCSER Year: 2021
Principal Investigator: Datta, Abhishek Awardee: Soterix Medical
Program: Small Business Innovation Research in Special Education      [Program Details]
Award Period: 8 months (05/01/2021 – 01/02/2022) Award Amount: $200,000
Type: Phase I Development Award Number: 91990021C0032

In previous research and development, the project team developed a prototype walking cane attached to a wearable belt to support children who are blind of with visual impairments in learning to walk. In this Phase I project, the team will develop a new prototype of a smart belt and accompanying mobile app. The prototype belt will collect data as children practice walking and through the app present data with insights to special education professional and caregivers to support children as they progress. In a pilot study with 25 children who are blind or with visual impairments, 25 special education educators, and 25 caregivers, the researchers will examine whether the prototype functions as planned, whether educators and parents understand and find the information generated by the mobile app useful, and if children progress in their ability to walk.