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"Boys Have It; Girls Have to Work for It": The Development and Consequences of Gender Stereotypes About Natural Talent vs. Effort in Mathematics Cognition and Student Learning Cimpian, Andrei New York University Exploration 2020 NCER
A Cognitive Approach to Implementing Tree Thinking in High School and College Biology Curricula Cognition and Student Learning Novick, Laura Vanderbilt University Development and Innovation 2008 NCER
A Learning by Teaching Approach to Help Students Develop Self-Regulatory Skills in Middle School Science Classrooms Cognition and Student Learning Biswas, Gautam Vanderbilt University Development and Innovation 2006 NCER
A Longitudinal Study of 3-D Spatial Skills and Mathematics Development in Elementary School Children Cognition and Student Learning Carr, Martha University of Georgia Exploration 2011 NCER
A Multidisciplinary Study of Analogical Transfer in Children's Mathematical Learning Cognition and Student Learning Holyoak, Keith University of California, Los Angeles Exploration 2003 NCER
A Narrative Comprehension Intervention for Elementary School Children At-Risk for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Cognition and Student Learning Lorch, Elizabeth University of Kentucky Development and Innovation 2012 NCER
A Randomized Trial of Two Promising Interventions for Students with Attention Problems Cognition and Student Learning Rabiner, David Duke University Efficacy and Replication 2005 NCER
A Theory and Data Driven Approach for Identifying Evidence of Collaborative Problem Solving Skills Cognition and Student Learning Andrews, Jessica Educational Testing Service (ETS) Exploration 2017 NCER
A Theory-Driven Search for the Optimal Conditions of Instructional Guidance in Algebra Tutor Cognition and Student Learning Anderson, John Carnegie Mellon University Exploration 2010 NCER
Acquiring Research Investigative and Evaluative Skills (ARIES) for Scientific Inquiry Cognition and Student Learning Millis, Keith Northern Illinois University Development and Innovation 2007 NCER
Advancing the Math Skills of Low-Achieving Adolescents in Technology-Rich Learning Environments Cognition and Student Learning Bottge, Brian University of Wisconsin, Madison Development and Innovation 2004 NCER
Age-related Changes in Word Problem Solving and Working Memory Cognition and Student Learning Swanson, H. Lee University of California, Riverside Exploration 2002 NCER
Alphabet Instruction Details Cognition and Student Learning Vadasy, Patricia Oregon Research Institute Development and Innovation 2015 NCER
An Alternative Statewide Assessment Strategy that Uses Test Results to Support Learning and Includes Measures of Problem Solving Cognition and Student Learning Rohani, Faranak Florida State University Measurement 2011 NCER
An Economical Improvement In Literacy and Numeracy Cognition and Student Learning Pasnak, Robert George Mason University Efficacy and Replication 2007 NCER
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