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2022 IES Learning Acceleration Challenges

Submissions are now closed for the IES Learning Acceleration Challenges. The challenges are identifying and testing interventions to improve math and science achievement.

IES Learning Acceleration Challenges: Math Prize

The Math Prize called for school-based, digital interventions to significantly improve math outcomes, especially in the area of fractions, for upper elementary school students with or at risk for a disability that affects math.

Two finalists were selected to participate in Phase 2 of the Math Prize based on scoring by judges against the Phase 1 selection criteria. The finalists were awarded $25,000 each:

  • Finalist 1: The DRUM (Digital Rational Number) Intervention
  • Finalist 2: ExploreLearning

In Phase 2, finalists will implement their interventions at partner schools between November 2022 and April 2023. The Math Prize will offer up to $725,000 in additional Phase 2 prizes.

IES Learning Acceleration Challenges: Science Prize

The judging panel did not recommend any finalists for the Science Prize. We recognize this challenge was an ambitious and rapid effort to improve science achievement. With the knowledge gained from this challenge, we hope to continue to design opportunities that encourage transformative, innovative change within education. Thank you to all who participated.

Learn more about additional funding opportunities at IES.

If you have any questions, reach out to the Learning Acceleration Challenges team at