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2012 National Board for Education Sciences Annual Report
Briefing Material for Board Members

June 2012

Table of Contents

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

  • Mission
  • IES’s Research Priorities
  • Organizational Chart
  • Major Funding Programs
  • Current, Past, and Proposed Budget

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

  • NCES Commissioner
  • NCES Activities and Products
    • National Assessment
    • International Assessments
    • Early Childhood Surveys
    • Elementary and Secondary Surveys
    • Postsecondary Surveys and Programs
    • Data Systems and Data Use

National Center for Education Research (NCER)

  • NCER Commissioner
  • NCER Activities and Investments
    • NCER Projects
    • The NCER Goal Structure
  • NCER Findings and Publications to Date

National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER)

  • NCSER Commissioner
  • NCSER Activities and Investments
    • NCSER Research Grant Topics
    • The NCSER Goal Structure
    • NCSER Research and Development Centers
    • NCSER Postdoctoral Research Training Grant Programs
    • NCSER’s New Initiatives for FY 2013

Standards and Review Office (SRO)

  • Peer Review of Reports
  • Peer Review of Grant Applications

National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance (NCEE)

  • NCEE Evaluation Division (Associate Commissioner, Audrey Pendleton)
  • NCEE’s Knowledge Utilization Division (Associate Commissioner, Ruth Curran Neild)