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2006Research Conference | June 15–16

This conference highlighted the work of invited speakers, independent researchers who have received grant funds from the Institute of Education Sciences, and trainees supported through predoctoral training grants and postdoctoral fellowships. The presentations are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the U.S. Department of Education or the Institute of Education Sciences.
Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
400 New Jersey Avenue, N.W.
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AAA Curriculum Design and Delivery: Developing Interventions that Align, Advance, and Assimilate into the Content and Context of Schools
Presentation by: Deborah Simmons, Scott Baker, and Mike Coyne
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Analyzing Data from Small N Designs using Multilevel Models
Presentation by: Eden Nagler and David Rindskopf
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The Cause . . . or the 'What' of What Works?
Presentation by: David S. Cordray
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Early Childhood Longitudinal Study Birth Cohort
Presentation by: Jennifer Park
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Early Childhood Longitudinal Study: Kindergarten Cohort
Presentation by: Chris Chapman
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Effect Sizes for Meta-analysis of Single-Subject Designs
Presentation by: S. Natasha Beretvas
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Effect Sizes in Education Research: What They Are, What They Mean, and Why They're Important
Presentation by: Howard Bloom, Carolyn Hill, Alison Rebeck Black, and Mark Lipsey
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Exploring Robustness of Estimated Teacher Effects to Teacher-by-Student Interactions and Missing Data
Presentation by: J.R. Lockwood & Daniel F. McCaffrey
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Improving Achievement and Closing Gaps Between Groups: How Can Researchers Help?
Presentation by: Kati Haycock
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Informing Reform: Changing The Relationships Between Research, Policy and Practice in Context
Presentation by: Anthony S. Bryk
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Institute of Education Sciences: Terrific Start: Important Challenges
Presentation by: Robert C. Granger
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Intervention Design: Implications for Research
Presentation by: Michael Coyne
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Large-Scale Educational Research in Multiple Sites: The Case of Scaling-UP PALS
Presentation by: Douglas Fuchs
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Meta-Analysis of Single Subject Designs: An Overview
Remarks by: William R. Shadish
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A National Dialogue: The Secretary of Education's Commissionon the Future of Higher Education
Remarks by: Charles Miller

NCSER as Contronym: Ode to Bryson
Presentation by: Edward J. Kame'enui, Commissioner of the National Center for Special Education Research
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Postsecondary Longitudinal Studies
Presentation by: Tracy Hunt-White
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Principles of Cognitive Science in Education: Self-Generation, Errors, & Feedback
Presentation by: Janet Metcalfe
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Regression Discontinuity Design Case Study: National Evaluation of Early Reading First
Presentation by: Peter Z. Schochet
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Remarks to the IES Research Conference
Remarks by: Michael Casserly, Executive Director Council of the Great City Schools

Temporal Spacing of Learning: Can It Help Reduce Forgetting?
Presentation by: Hal Pashler
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Test Enhanced Learning
Presentation by: Mark McDaniel
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Using Regression Discontinuity Analysis to Measure the Impacts of Reading First
Presentation by: Howard S. Bloom
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Value-Added Models and the Measurement of Teacher Quality
Presentation by: Douglas Harris and Tim Sass
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Why Large-Scale Randomized Trials?
Presentation by: David Myers
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