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2006Research Conference | June 15–16

This conference highlighted the work of invited speakers, independent researchers who have received grant funds from the Institute of Education Sciences, and trainees supported through predoctoral training grants and postdoctoral fellowships. The presentations are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the U.S. Department of Education or the Institute of Education Sciences.
Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
400 New Jersey Avenue, N.W.
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Reading and Teacher Quality

Adolescent Development: An Improved Replication Study
Presenter: Lori Delale-O'Connor, Northwestern University

Adult-Youth Relationships in After-school Programs: Supporting the Developmental Needs of Adolescence
Presenters: Jeffrey N. Jones, University of Virginia
Nancy L. Deutsch, University of Virginia

Changes in Home-Initiated Communication from Preschool to Kindergarten
Presenters: Lori Nathanson, University of Virginia
Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman, University of Virginia
Shannon M. Fuller, Texas Children's Hospital

Children's Number Categories and Understanding of Numerical Magnitude
Presenter: Elida V. Laski, Carnegie Mellon University

Children's Perceptions of the Classroom Environment and Social and Academic Performance: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Contribution of the Responsive Classroom Approach
Presenters: Laura L. Brock, University of Virginia
Tracy K. Nishida, University of Virginia
Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman, University of Virginia
Cynthia Chiong, University of Virginia

The Contribution of the Responsive Classroom Approach to Classroom Quality and Teacher Practices
Presenters: Lori E. Skibbe, University of Virginia
Lauren E. Decker, University of Virginia
Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman, University of Virginia

Design for A Cluster Randomized Trial of 'The Reading Edge' in Middle Schools in Pennsylvania
Presenter: Irma Perez-Johnson, University of Pennsylvania

Determining the Concurrent and Predictive Validity of Two Emergent Literacy Screeners
Presenters: Shauna B. Wilson, Florida State University
Christopher J Lonigan, Florida State University

Do Fathers Matter? The Role of Father Involvement in Pre-adolescent Academic and Social Development
Presenter: Lydia Killos, University of Virginia

Effective Accountability: Success of State Departments of Education at Promoting and Implementing State Standards and Test-based Accountability, 1981–2001
Presenter: A. F. Shober, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Effective Intervention in School Settings Requires the Recognition of Individual Differences in Autism
Presenters: Camilla Hileman, University of Miami
Courtney Burnette, University of North Carolina
Steve Sutton, University of Miami
Heather Henderson, University of Miami
Peter Mundy, University of Miami

The Effect of Abortion Legalization on the Black-White Achievement Gap
Presenter: Jonathan Gemus, Northwestern University

Effects of Comparison on Learning New Principles
Presenter: Julie Colhoun, Northwestern University

The Effects of Diagrams and Diagramming Tools on the Analysis of Social Policy
Presenter: Matthew Easterday, Carnegie Mellon University

Estimating Statewide Achievement Gap Effects Using Hierarchical Linear Models
Presenter: Peter Tuerk, University of Virginia

Experimental Validation of Instructional Materials on Usability-Supporting Architectural Patterns
Presenter: Elspeth Golden, Carnegie Mellon University

Exploring Effects of Different Instructional Approaches to Reading Comprehension
Presenters: Margaret McKeown, University of Pittsburgh
Isabel Black, University of Pittsburgh

Family and Child Attributes and the Transition to Kindergarten
Presenters: Lori Nathanson, University of Virginia
Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman, University of Virginia
Laura L. Brock, University of Virginia

The Help Tutor: Improving Students' Help-seeking Behavior While Working with Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Presenters: Ido Roll, Carnegie Mellon University
Vincent Aleven, Carnegie Mellon University
Bruce M. McLaren, Carnegie Mellon University
Eunjeong Ryu, Carnegie Mellon University
Kenneth R. Koedinger, Carnegie Mellon University

Identifying and Overcoming the Learning Gaps Created by Early Childhood Poverty
Presenter: James Benson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Immigrant Differences in Early Reading Achievement: Evidence from the ECLS-K
Presenters: Natalia Palacios, Northwestern University
Katarina Guttmannova, Northwestern University
Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Northwestern University

Information and Access: Modeling the Impact of Information on a Student's Probability of Attending College
Presenters: Tim Zeidner, Vanderbilt University

Intelligent Tutoring of the Structure Strategy Improves Reading Comprehension of Fifth and Seventh Grade Students
Presenters: Bonnie J. F. Meyer, Pennsylvania State University
Kay Wijekumar, Pennsylvania State University
Wendy Middlemiss, Pennsylvania State University
Catherine Meier, Pennsylvania State University
Kelli Higley, Pennsylvania State University
James Spielvogel, Pennsylvania State University
Rayne A. Sperling, Pennsylvania State University

Interactive Effect of Parenting and Teaching Styles on Academic Achievement
Presenter: Victoria Rankin Marks, University of Virginia

Investigation of a Brain-Based Intervention to Improve Performance on Multiple Attention Based Tasks
Presenter: KatieAnn Skogsberg, Northwestern University

iSTART: An Interactive Reading Strategy Yutoring System that Helps Adolescent Readerse Understand Challenging Text
Presenters: Danielle S. McNamara, University of Memphis
Irwin Levinstein, Old Dominion University

Language and Space: Asymmetries and Interactions
Presenter: Heather Norbury, Northwestern University

Meta-analysis as a Basis from Which to Consider Impacts: The Case of Home Visiting
Presenter: M. C. Bradley, University of Pennsylvania

'Mindless Reading' and its Effects on Comprehension
Presenters: Erik D. Reichle, University of Pittsburgh
Francisco J. Morales, University of Pittsburgh
Patryk A. Laurent, University of Pittsburgh
David V. Halpern, University of Pittsburgh
Jonathan W. Schooler, University of British Columbia

Personality Characteristics and Teacher Beliefs among Pre-service Teachers
Presenters: Lauren E. Decker, University of Virginia
Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman, University of Virginia

Preschool Classroom Quality: Impacts on Reading Outcomes for Children With and Without Language Impairment
Presenters: Anita McGinty, University of Virginia
Lori Skibbe, University of Virginia
Laura Justice, University of Virginia

Priming: Language Intervention for Children Prenatally Exposed to Cocaine
Presenters: Katherine Bono, University of Miami
Olga Bazhenova, University of Illinois-Chicago
Ann-Marie Faria, University of Miami
Elgiz Bal, University of Illinois-Chicago
Stefanie Footer, University of Miami
Christine Hughes, University of Miami
Marygrace Yale Kaiser, University of Miami

Profiles of Approaches to Learning in Head Start Preschoolers
Presenters: Virginia E. Vitiello, University of Miami
Daryl B. Greenfield, University of Miami

Profiles of Observed Classroom Quality in State-Funded Pre-Kindergarten Programs and Associations with Teacher, Program and Classroom Characteristics
Presenter: Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch, University of Virginia

The Reading Trajectory of Children with Language Impairment from Preschool to Fifth Grade: A Prospective Study of the Forecast for School
Presenters: Lori E. Skibbe, University of Virginia
Kevin J. Grimm, University of Virginia
Tina L. Stanton-Chapman, University of Virginia
Laura M. Justice, University of Virginia
Khara L. Pence, University of Virginia
Ryan P. Bowles, University of Virginia

Re-entry into the Community: The Impact of School Enrollment on Future Recidivism
Presenters: Preeti Chauhan, University of Virginia
N. Dickon Reppucci, University of Virginia

Risk Factors Available in Birth Certificate Records for Mental and Motor Delay at 9-months
Presenters: Sara J. Vagi, University of Miami
Virginia E. Vitiello, University of Miami
Christine E.F. Delgado, University of Miami

School Factors as Mediators of the Relation between Child Maltreatment and Adult Crime: An Examination of a Long-Term Developmental Model
Presenter: James Dimitri Topitzes, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Student Motivation and Engagement During Classroom Discussion
Presenters: Xiaoying Wu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Richard C. Anderson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kim Nguyen-Jahiel, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A System for Teaching Interculture Competence: Classroom Evaluation and Analysis
Presenter: Amy Ogan, Carnegie Mellon University

Teacher Licensure Tests and Student Achievement
Presenter: Richard Buddin, RAND

Temperament and Language Skills as Predictors of Teacher-Child Relationship Quality in Preschool
Presenters: Kathleen Moritz Rudasill, University of Virginia
Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman, University of Virginia
Laura M. Justice, University of Virginia
Khara Pence, University of Virginia

Temperament, Approaches to Learning, and Children's School Readiness
Presenter: Pelin Munis, University of Miami

Theoretical Framework for Investigating the Relationship Between Creativity and Learning
Presenter: Enrique C. Orlina, Northwestern University

Toddlers' Imitation of New Skills from Video and Live Instruction
Presenters: G. A. Strouse, Vanderbilt University
G. Troseth, Vanderbilt University

The Trajectory of Student Interest and Its Implications for Learning and Achievement
Presenters: Chris Hulleman, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Judith Harackiewicz, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bryan Hendricks, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Transitioning to School: Describing the Classroom Environment of Rural, Low-Income Children in Kindergarten and First Grade
Presenter: Kerry G. Hofer, Vanderbilt University

Uniform Admissions Policies and Effects of Elite Schools
Presenter: Benjamin Passty, Northwestern University

Using Student Progress to Evaluate Teachers: A Primer on Value-Added Models
Presenters: Henry I. Braun, Educational Testing Service
Anthony D. Lutkus, Educational Testing Service

What Should Vary When Students Compare Pairs of Problems?
Presenters: Norma M. Chang, Carnegie Mellon University
Kenneth R. Koedinger, Carnegie Mellon University
Marsha C. Lovett, Carnegie Mellon University

Your Brain on Geometry
Presenter: Yvonne Kao, Carnegie Mellon University