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2006Research Conference | June 15–16

This conference highlighted the work of invited speakers, independent researchers who have received grant funds from the Institute of Education Sciences, and trainees supported through predoctoral training grants and postdoctoral fellowships. The presentations are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the U.S. Department of Education or the Institute of Education Sciences.
Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
400 New Jersey Avenue, N.W.
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VALE to Improve Reading Comprehension in Bilingual Children - Pretest Data, Materials, Profiles of 10 Children, and Challenges

María Adelaida Restrepo, Arizona State University
Shelley Gray, Arizona State University

Abstract: The purpose of the VALE (vocabulary and abstract language enhancement) grant is to evaluate whether the VALE intervention improves reading comprehension and oral language in children who speak Spanish when they enter Kindergarten. In addition, the VALE grant evaluates whether the intervention provided in two languages leads to better oral language and reading comprehension than the intervention provided in English only. The grant will follow two cohorts of children, one through third grade and one through second grade.

We will present pretest and posttest data in vocabulary and abstract language measures.

Preliminary descriptions of pretest data indicate that the children have a wide range in skills at the start of kindergarten in vocabulary, phonemic awareness, and language skills. Correlational analyses indicate that the vocabulary measures in Spanish are highly correlated with each other, indicating that at least they seem to be assessing the same construct. In addition, phonemic awareness in Spanish is correlating significantly with comprehension in English. In addition, we will discuss some of our challenges: Finding measures that are appropriate for this population and skills, and the amount of time these measures take to administer.