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Director of IES

The Director of the Institute of Education Sciences serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary on education research, statistics, and evaluation activities. The Director:

  • Administers, oversees, and coordinates the activities carried out by the Institute, including the activities of the National Education Centers (National Center for Education Statistics, the National Center for Education Research, the National Center for Special Education Research, and the National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance);
  • Coordinates and approves budgets and operating plans for each of the National Education Centers;
  • Proposes to the National Board for Education Sciences priorities for the Institute;
  • Ensures that the methodology applied in conducting research, development, evaluation, and statistical analysis is consistent with standards required by the Education Sciences Reform Act;
  • Coordinates education research and related activities carried out by the Institute with such activities carried out by other offices within the Department and other agencies within the Federal Government;
  • Advises the Secretary on research, evaluation, and statistics activities relevant to the activities of the Department;
  • Establishes necessary procedures for scientific peer review;
  • Ensures that participants in research conducted or supported by the Institute are afforded their privacy rights and other relevant protections as research subjects;
  • Ensures that the activities conducted or supported by the Institute are objective, secular, neutral, and nonideological and free of partisan influence and racial, cultural, gender, or regional bias;
  • Undertakes activities to increase the participation of researchers and institutions that have been historically underutilized in Federal education research activities;
  • Works with other Officers of the Department to promote the coordination of research, development, and technical assistance activities;
  • Provides for broad and regular public and professional input into the planning and carrying out of Institute activities;
  • Coordinates the wide dissemination of information on scientifically valid research; and
  • Carries out other activities consistent with the mission of the Institute. 

Office of the Director Staff

Staff in the Office of the Director assist in carrying out these responsibilities. The Deputy Director for Administration and Policy, Data Sciences, Science, and Communications Management report to the Director.

Within the Education Sciences Reform Act Sec. 117 (d) the Commissioner for Education Statistics is exempt from performing assigned responsibilities (within Part C of ESRA) "under the supervision and subject to the approval of the IES Director." However, it is important to note that the Commissioner for Education Statistics is subject to the supervision and approval of the IES Director on all matters relates to NCES spending, since budgetary authority is delegated solely to the IES Director by law. This distribution of authorities within ESRA between IES and NCES requires on-going communication and collaboration between the Commissioner for Education Statistics and the IES Director on all matters related to spending and budgetary approval necessary for the use of appropriated funds in the Statistics, Assessment, and Statewide Longitudinal Data accounts, along with use of administrative account spending that supports hiring, training, travel, and other related activities.

See the IES Organizational Chart.