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Early Intervention and Early Childhood Education FY2015Early Intervention and Early Childhood Education FY2015

Reviewer Name Organization Department
Bolt, Daniel University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Educational Psychology
Boyce, Lisa Utah State University Department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development
Branum-Martin, Lee Georgia State University Department of Psychology
Bridges, Margaret University of California Institute of Human Development
Brotman, Laurie New York University School of Medicine Population Health
Coker, David University of Delaware School of Education
Conroy, Maureen University of Florida Department of Special Education
Crais, Elizabeth University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Division of Speech & Hearing Sciences
Curby, Timothy George Mason University Department of Psychology
French, Brian Washington State University Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling Psychology
Gershoff, Elizabeth* University of Texas at Austin Department of Human Development and Family Sciences
Gonzalez, Jorge Texas A&M University Department of Educational Psychology
Gunderson, Elizabeth Temple University Department of Psychology
Hammer, Carol Scheffner Teachers College, Columbia University Department of Biobehavioral Sciences
Hennon Peters, Elizabeth University of Evansville Department of Psychology
Hojnoski, Robin Lehigh University College of Education Department of Education and Human Services
Invernizzi, Marcia University of Virginia Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Special Education
Iruka, Iheoma University of Nebraska Buffett Early Childhood Institute
Jordan, Nancy University of Delaware School of Education
Klein, Elisa University of Maryland, College Park Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology
Lewis, Tim University of Missouri College of Education
Mashburn, Andrew Portland State University Department of Psychology
May, Henry University of Delaware Center for Research in Education and Social Policy
McClelland, Megan Oregon State University Department of Human Development and Family Sciences
Missall, Kristen University of Washington School Psychology
Morris, Pamela New York University Department of Applied Psychology
Mouza, Chrystalla University of Delaware School of Education
O'Brien, Marion University of North Carolina at Greensboro Department of Human Development & Family Studies
Odom, Samuel* University of North Carolina FPG Child Development Institute
O'Dwyer, Laura Trustees of Boston College Lynch School of Education
Paez, Mariela Boston College Teacher Education, Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction Department
Phillips, Beth Florida State University Educational Psychology and Learning Systems
Piasta, Shayne The Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology
Rivers, Susan Yale University Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
Salisbury, Christine University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Special Education
Sarnecka, Barbara University of California, Irvine Department of Cognitive Sciences
Schatschneider, Chris Florida State University Department of Psychology
Shearer, Rebecca University of Miami Department of Psychology, Child Division
Shusterman, Anna Wesleyan University Psychology Department
Spencer, Trina Northern Arizona University Institute for Human Development
Spooner, Frederick The University of North Carolina-Charlotte Special Education and Child Development
Valentine, Jeffrey University of Louisville College of Education & Human Development
Vernon-Feagans, Lynne University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School of Education
Wilcox, Jeanne Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College Department of Early Childhood, Division of Innovation and Leadership
Willoughby, Michael RTI International Education & Workforce Development
Zeng, Guang Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi Department of Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction

* Indicates service as panel chair