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Reading, Writing, and Language Development FY2015Reading, Writing, and Language Development FY2015

Reviewer Name Organization Department
Allor, Jill Southern Methodist University Department of Teaching and Learning
Biancarosa, Gina University of Oregon Department of Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership
Clifton, Charles University of Massachusetts at Amherst Department of Psychology
Coker, David University of Delaware School of Education
Dalton, Bridget University of Colorado Boulder School of Education
De La Paz, Susan University of Maryland Department of Special Education
Denton, Carolyn University of Texas Health Science Center Houston Department of Pediatrics
Doolittle, Frederick MDRC K-12 Education
Fien, F. Hank University of Oregon Center for Teaching and Learning
Graesser, Art The University of Memphis Department of Psychology
Gunn, Barbara Oregon Research Institute
Hock, Michael The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning
Hoskyn, Maureen* Simon Fraser University Faculty of Education
Hudson, Roxanne University of Washington College of Education
Keller, Lisa University of Massachussetts Research and Evaluation Methods Program
Kieffer, Michael New York University Department of Teaching and Learning
Kim, James Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Lee, Carol Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy
Leite, Walter University of Florida School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education
Lembke, Erica University of Missouri Department of Special Education
Lesgold, Alan University of Pittsburgh School of Education
Linan-Thompson, Sylvia University of Texas, Austin Department of Special Education
Llosa, Lorena New York University Department of Teaching and Learning
MacArthur, Charles* University of Delaware School of Education
Magliano, Joseph Northern Illinois University Department of Psychology
Mancilla-Martinez, Jeannette University of California, Irvine Department of Language, Literacy, and Technology
McCoach, Dorothy University of Connecticut Department of Educational Psychology
Pae, Hye University of Cincinnati School of Education
Proctor, C. Patrick Boston College Department of Teacher Education, Special Education and Curriculum & Instruction
Richards-Tutor, Catherine California State University, Long Beach College of Education
Rutschow, Elizabeth Zachry MDRC
Silverman, Rebecca University of Maryland Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education
Stapleton, Laura University of Maryland Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology
Taboada Barber, Ana University of Maryland Department of Counseling, Higher Education and Special Education
Todd, Petra University of Pennsylvania Department of Economics
Turner, Herbert University of Pennsylvania Quantitative Methods Division
Wong, Vivian University of Virginia Curry School of Education
Zucker, Tricia University of Texas Medical School at Houston Pediatrics Department

* Indicates service as panel chair