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Statistics and Modeling  FY2013–FY2015Statistics and Modeling FY2013–FY2015

Reviewer Name Organization Department
Aloe, Ariel University of Northern Iowa College of Education
Ayres, Kevin University of Georgia Department of Special Education
Beretvas, Susan University of Texas–Austin Department of Educational Psychology
Betts, Julian University of California–San Diego Department of Economics
Bos, Johannes American Institutes for Research International Development
Daly, Alan University of California, San Diego Education Studies Department
De Ayala, R.J. University of Nebraska Department of Educational Psychology
Dynarski, Mark Pemberton Research LLC Meadows Center
Frank, Ken Michigan State University Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education
Garet, Michael American Institutes for Research
Goldschmidt, Pete California State University, Northridge Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling
Guarino, Cassandra Indiana University Bloomington Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Hagan-Burke, Shanna Texas A&M University Department of Educational Psychology
Hancock, Gregory University of Maryland Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology
Hansen, Ben University of Michigan Statistics Department
Heeringa, Steven University of Michigan Center for Population Studies
Hendrickson-Lindsay, Amy College Board Research Department
Hitchcock, John Indiana University Instructional Systems Technology Department
Jewell, Nicholas* University of California–Berkeley Division of Biostatistics
Kaplan, David* University of Wisconsin–Madison Department of Educational Psychology
Kelley, Ken University of Notre Dame Department of Management
Kim, Jee-Seon University of Wisconsin–Madison Department of Educational Psychology
Koedel, Cory University of Missouri Department of Economics
Koehly, Laura National Institutes of Health National Human Genome Research Institute
Konstantopoulos, Spyridon Michigan State University Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education
Little, Todd University of Kansas Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis
Lockwood, John Educational Testing Service Research & Development
Loken, Eric Pennsylvania State University Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Maier, Kimberly Michigan State University Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education
Manolov, Rumen University of Barcelona Behavioral Sciences Methods
Marcoulides, George University of California, Santa Barbara Department of Education Policy, Leadership, and Research Methods
Mariano, Louis RAND Corporation
Nichols, Austin DeBruce Foundation Research Institute
Pigott, Therese Loyola University of Chicago School of Education
Reise, Steven University of California, Los Angeles Department of Psychology
Rivkin, Steven University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Economics
Skaggs, Gary Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Research and Evaluation Program
Smith, Justin Northwestern University
Stokes, S. Lynne Southern Methodist University Department of Statistics
Willett, John B. Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Wong, Vivian University of Virginia Curry School of Education
Yoder, Paul Vanderbilt University Department of Special Education
Zvoch, Keith University of Oregon Educational Methodology, Policy and Leadership

* Indicates service as panel chair