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Social and Behavioral FY2022Social and Behavioral FY2022

Reviewer Name Organization Department
Alfaro, Edna Texas State University Family and Consumer Sciences
Anderman, Eric The Ohio State University Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Baker, Courtney Tulane University Psychology Department, APA-Accredited School Psychology Program
Becker, Stephen Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Behavioral Med-Clin Psychology
Blake, Jamilia Texas A&M University Sponsored Research Services
Buchanan, Rohanna* Oregon Social Learning Center
Byrd, Christy North Carolina State University Teacher Education and Learning Sciences
Cipriano, Christina Yale University Child Study Center
Citkowicz, Martyna American Institutes for Research Human Services
Colvin, Kimberly University at Albany, SUNY
Crowley, Daniel Pennsylvania State University
Desjardins, Christopher St. Michael's College
DiPerna, James The Pennsylvania State University Educational Psychology, Counseling, & Special Education
Domitrovich, Celene Georgetown University Psychiatry
Drevon, Daniel Central Michigan University
Duong, Mylien OpenMind
DuPaul, George* Lehigh University Education & Human Services
Espinoza, Guadalupe California State University, Fullerton
Farrell, Albert* Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Psychology
Frank, Jennifer Pennsylvania State University Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education
Halliday, Colleen Medical University of South Carolina
Hoover, Sharon University of Maryland School of Medicine Psychiatry
Huguley, James University of Pittsburgh Center on Race and Social Problems
Jamil, Faiza Clemson University
Jenkins, Lyndsay Florida State University
Jolivette, Kristine University of Alabama
Jones, Damon Pennsylvania State University
Kim, Han Joe University of Houston Psychological, Health, and Learning Sciences
Koziol, Natalie University of Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools
Lin, Tzu-Jung The Ohio State University Educational Studies
Lopez, Francesca Pennsylvania State University Curriculum and Instruction
Loyd, Aerika University of California, Riverside
Matlen, Bryan WestEd Learning & Technology
McQuillin, Samuel University of South Carolina Psychology
Mikami, Amori University of British Columbia
Mokrova, Irina Duke University School of Medicine
Morell, Linda University of California, Berkeley
Morrill, Brooke Schell Games
Natesan Batley, Prathiba University of Louisville
Nishina, Adrienne University of California, Davis Department of Human Ecology
Oakes, Wendy Arizona State University Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Pas, Elise Johns Hopkins University Mental Health
Pendergast, Laura Temple University College of Education
Piver-Renna, Jennifer Virginia Department of Education
Rivers, Susan iThrive Games
Santos, Carlos University of California, Los Angeles Social Welfare
Senechal, Jesse Virginia Commonwealth University
Suter, Jesse University of Vermont Center on Disability & Community Inclusion
Trzesniewski, Kali University of California, Davis Department of Human Ecology
Vincent, Claudia University of Oregon College of Education
Wheeler, Lorey University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Williams, Joseph University of Virginia

* Indicates service as panel chair