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Statistics and Modeling FY2020–FY2022Statistics and Modeling FY2020–FY2022

Reviewer Name Organization Department
Anderson, Samantha Arizona State University
Ayres, Kevin University of Georgia Department of Special Education
Baker, Ryan University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
Becker, Betsy Jane Florida State University Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems
Bolt, Daniel University of Wisconsin, Madison Department of Educational Psychology
Borgonovi, Francesca University College London
Bovaird, James University of Nebraska, Lincoln Department of Educational Psychology
Cappella, Elise New York University Applied Psychology
Cil, Gulcan Oregon Research Institute
Feng, Gary Educational Testing Service
Fritz, Matthew University of Nebraska, Lincoln Educational Psychology
Hallberg, Kelly University of Chicago Inclusive Economy Lab
Hancock, Gregory* University of Maryland, College Park Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology
Hersh, David Harvard University
Hott, Brittany University of Oklahoma Educational Psychology
Kaplan, David University of Wisconsin, Madison Department of Educational Psychology
Keller, Bryan Teachers College, Columbia University
Keller, Lisa University of Massachussetts, Amherst Research and Evaluation Methods Program
Ledford, Jennifer Vanderbilt University Special Education
Manolov, Rumen University of Barcelona Social Psychology and Quantitative Psychology
Mariano, Louis RAND Corporation
McCoach, Dorothy University of Connecticut Department of Educational Psychology
Moeyaert, Mariola University at Albany, SUNY School of Education
Morgan, Grant Baylor University Educational Psychology
Natesan Batley, Prathiba University of Louisville
O'Connell, Ann The Ohio State University Educational Studies
Oswald, Frederick Rice University Psychology
Petscher, Yaacov Florida State University Florida Center for Reading Research
Picus, Lawrence University of Southern California Rossier School of Education
Rios, Joseph University of Minnesota
Rivkin, Steven University of Illinois, Chicago Department of Economics
Schauer, Jacob Northwestern Univeristy Preventive Medicine
Xie, Kui The Ohio State University Department of Educational Studies

* Indicates service as panel chair