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The Standards and Review Office (SRO) oversees the scientific peer review processes for IES grant applications and reports.

SRO was created and staffed within IES' Office of the Deputy Director for Science to comply with the Education Sciences Reform Act (ESRA) of 2002. In January 2006, the National Board for Education Sciences approved IES procedures for the peer review of reports and grant applications.

Peer Review of Grant Applications

Highly qualified individuals with in-depth knowledge review and evaluate all applications for grants and cooperative agreements that exceed $100,000. More information

PDF File For more information, please click here to download, view, and print an overview infographic of the IES Research Grant Submission and Review Process as a PDF file (977 KB)

PDF File For more information about being a peer reviewer, please click here to download, view, and print the IES guide for Peer Reviewers as a PDF file (780 KB)

Peer Review of Reports

Research, statistics, and evaluation reports IES supports or conducts undergo rigorous peer review before being published or otherwise made available to the public. More information

To ensure the processes are as objective as possible, peer review activities are managed outside of the IES Centers that fund research grants and contracts, provide technical assistance to applicants, and work with grantees and contractors.

An overview handout about SRO: PPT File Download, view, and print as a PPT file (226 KB)

SRO Staff

Lisa Bridges, Education Research Analyst
Sheilah Chapman, Program Assistant
Amy (Lerner) Gold, Education Research Analyst
Lisa McDevitt, Education Research Analyst
Ellie Pelaez, Management and Program Analyst
Vasuki Rethinam, Senior Education Research Scientist

Deputy Director for Science

Photo of Dr. Anne RicciutiDr. Anne Ricciuti has served as IES' Deputy Director for Science since 2007. She draws on her broad experience in education, research, and evaluation of federal programs to provide guidance and leadership related to the scientific quality of IES activities. She also oversees the Standards and Review staff and the scientific peer review activities within IES, as well as special projects and analyses.

Read more about the Deputy Director for Science

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