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Learning from Recent Advances in Measuring Teacher Effectiveness

On August 9, 2012, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) convened a meeting of researchers and U.S. Department of Education (ED) and IES staff to discuss recent advances in measuring teacher effectiveness. The objectives of the meeting were to:


Participants in the meeting were:

Research community: Damian Betebenner, Henry Braun, Sean Corcoran, Linda Darling-Hammond, John Friedman, Dan Goldhaber, Andrew Ho, Tom Kane, Helen Ladd, Bob Pianta, Jonah Rockoff, and Jesse Rothstein
ED and IES staff: Elizabeth Albro, Jo Anderson, Karen Cator, Nadya Chinoy Dabbney, Deb Delisle, John Q. Easton, Monica Herk, Brad Jupp, Tyra Mariani, Ruth Curran Neild, Ellie Pelaez, Audrey Pendleton, Jason Snyder, Elizabeth Warner, Joanne Weiss, Ann Whalen, and Michael Yudin

Participants from the research community were carefully chosen to represent a broad range of academic disciplines, expertise and perspectives.

Each participant from the research community was asked to share in advance of the meeting a two-page written summary of their views on the implications of recent advances in value-added and SGM measures.

The following are links to these two-page summaries as well as to a summary of the proceedings of the meeting. The views expressed in these documents are the views of the individual researchers participating in the meeting. They do not necessarily represent the views of IES or the U.S. Department of Education.

PDF File View, download and print the full meeting summary as a PDF file (1.1 MB)
PDF File View, download, and print the abstracts as a PDF file (781 KB)