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IES Grant

Title: Postdoctoral Training Program in Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Methods for Education Research
Center: NCER Year: 2011
Principal Investigator: Dynarski, Susan Awardee: University of Michigan
Program: Postdoctoral Research Training Program in the Education Sciences      [Program Details]
Award Period: 3 years Award Amount: $648,974
Type: Training Award Number: R305B110001

Co-Principal Investigator: Jacob, Brian

Through this program, six fellows gained substantive knowledge of experimental and quasi-experimental methods for education research and other policy-relevant topics. Fellows collected, compiled, and analyzed data; designed surveys; participated in research planning; wrote papers; presented results at seminars and professional meetings; supervised research assistants; attended courses and specialized training institutes on quantitative methods; participated in seminars and workshops devoted to causal inference in education research; and assisted in research projects that focused on experimental and quasi-experimental methods for causal inference.


Postdoctoral Fellows

Barrios, Thomas
Cannon, Sarah
Hemelt, Steve
Kreisman, Daniel
Michelmore, Katherine (ORCID)
Rosen, Rachel

As of 2020, Dr. Barrios was a data scientist at Snap Inc., Dr. Hemelt was an associate professor of public policy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Kreisman was an associate professor of economics at Georgia State University, Dr. Michelmore was an assistant professor of public administration and international affairs at Syracuse University, and Dr. Rosen was a research associate and co-director of the Center for Effective Career and Technical Education at MDRC.


Journal article, monograph, or newsletter

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Nongovernment report, issue brief, or practice guide

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Working paper

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