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IES Grant

Title: Interdisciplinary Training in Education Research and Advanced Statistical Methods
Center: NCER Year: 2005
Principal Investigator: Greenfield, Daryl Awardee: University of Miami
Program: Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training Programs in the Education Sciences      [Program Details]
Award Period: 5 years Award Amount: $4,869,993
Type: Training Award Number: R305C050052

The University of Miami established the Interdisciplinary Training in Education Research and Advanced Statistical Methods program to train fellows to conduct in-depth research on education issues arising in diverse, urban settings. The training program was housed in the department of psychology within the applied developmental PhD program and also included faculty mentors from the departments of sociology, economics, epidemiology, and multiple departments within the School of Education. Fellows learned advanced statistical skills to analyze project data on a diverse set of topics with an emphasis on the study of low-income and bilingual populations in urban settings who are at risk for poor educational outcomes. The program included a rigorous seven-course methodology core and supporting content and elective courses tailored to student's professional interests. These courses served as the central training program theme and were to provide all fellows with a strong foundation in quantitative research designs and statistical methods applicable to educational research.

List of Completed Fellows: Below is a list of the 25 fellows who received funding support from this award and completed the training program.

Alverez- Gattamorta, Karina (ORCID) Lipsky, Miriam
Bandiera, Frank Maier, Michelle
Barker, David (ORCID) McMahon, Camilla (ORCID)
Cashiola, Elizabeth (Bell) (ORCID) Munis, Pelin
Dietrich (Romero), Sandy Nayfeld, Irena (ORCID)
Farhat, Dolores Pontier, Christine
Faria, Ann-Marie Rainelli, Stefano
Fernandez, Veronica Salinas, Alejandra
Goodwin, Amanda (ORCID) Shneyderman, Yuliya (ORCID)
Greenberg, Ariela Vagi, Sara
Huggins- Manley, Anne Corinne Vitiello, Virginia (ORCID)
Kolnik, Shira Walker, Olga
Kook, Janna (ORCID)

Products and Publications

ERIC Citations: Find available citations in ERIC for this award here.

Select Publications From Completed Fellows:

Delgado, C. E. F., Vagi, S. J., & Scott, K. G. (2005). Early risk factors for speech and language impairments. Exceptionality, 13, 173–191.

Delgado, C. E. F., Vagi, S.J., & Scott, K. G. (2007). Identification of early risk factors for developmental delay. Exceptionality, 15 (2), 119136.

Johnson, K.C., DesJardin, J.L., Barker, D.H., Quittner, A.L., & Winter, M.E. (2007). Joint attention and symbolic play skills in children with additional disabilities who receive cochlear implants: Two case studies. Otology & Neurotology, 29, 246–250.

Penfield, R.D., Alvarez-Gattamorta, K., Lee, O. (2009). Using a taxonomy of differential step functioning form to improve the interpretation of DIF in polytomous items. Applied Measurement in Education, 22(1): 61–78.

Penfield, R. D., Alvarez-Gattamorta, K., & Childs, R. A. (2009). An NCME instructional module on using differential step functioning to refine the analysis of DIF in polytomous items. Journal of Educational Measurement, 28(1): 38–49.

Quintana, G. A. (2007). Visual representations of mathematics. In E. Provenzo (Ed.), Alternative Literacies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Quintana, G. A. (in press). Predicting college aspirations among Hispanic subgroups. Educational Policy.

Quintana, G. A. (in press). Standardized testing. In E. Provenzo (Ed.), Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Quittner, A.L., Barker, D.H., Snell, C., Cruz, I., McDonald, L., Grimley, M.E., Botteri, M., Marciel, K., & CDaCI Investigative Team (in press). Improvements in visual attention after cochlear implantation. Audiological Medicine.

Munis, P., Greenfield, D. B., Henderson, H. A., & George, J. (2007). Development and validation of the Preschool Temperament Classification System for use with teachers. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 22, 440–450.