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IES Contract

Title: Automated Basic Reading Assessment
Center: NCER Year: 2016
Principal Investigator: Bernstein, Jared Awardee: Analytic Force
Program: Small Business Innovation Research      [Program Details]
Award Period: 6 months (5/1/2016-10/31/2016) Award Amount: $149,788.80
Type: Phase I Development Award Number: EDIES16C0004

Success Story:

Project Website:

Phase I award

Through a 2014 contract from the NAEP program at the National Center for Education Statistics and during Phase I (completed in 2016), the team developed a prototype of Moby.Read, a tablet-based app where grade school students read a passage aloud and the speech-recognition software generates an assessment of oral-reading fluency in real-time. In a pilot study at the end of Phase I, the researchers tested the prototype with 99 grade school students and four teachers. Results showed Moby.Read generated scores correlated with traditional human-rated oral reading fluency assessments, and that most students indicated preferring Moby.Read to teacher-administered tests.

Video Demonstrations:

Moby.Read Phase I Prototype:

SkillCheck Phase I Prototype:

Recognition: 2020: Finalist for an SIIA Codie Award

Related IES Projects: Moby.Read: Automated Basic Reading Assessment (EDIES17C0030); Early Reading Diagnostic Profiler (91990020C0070 ); SkillCheck: Automatic Early Reading Diagnosis and Intervention (91990021C0040)

Products and Publications

Bernstein, J., Cheng, J., Balogh, J., & Downey, R. (2020). Artificial intelligence for scoring oral reading fluency. In H. Jiao & R. Lissitz (Eds.), Applications of artificial intelligence to assessment. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publisher.

Cheng, J. (2018, September 2-6). Real-time scoring of an oral reading assessment on mobile devices[Paper presentation]. Interspeech, Hyderabad, India.