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IES Grant

Title: University of Washington SMART Center Postdoctoral Research Program
Center: NCER Year: 2017
Principal Investigator: Bruns, Eric Awardee: University of Washington
Program: Postdoctoral Research Training Program in the Education Sciences      [Program Details]
Award Period: 5 years (09/01/2017 – 08/31/2022) Award Amount: $702,476
Type: Training Award Number: R305B170021

Co-Principal Investigators: Lyon, Aaron; Pullman, Michael; McCauley, Elizabeth; Davis, Carol

Purpose: SMART PREP recruited five education researchers, one of whom resigned for a different postdoctoral position shortly after beginning, two in the first cohort (starting in 2018) and three in the second cohort (starting in 2020). The remaining 4 fellows each received 2 years of training and mentoring. The focus of their training was to prepare them to conduct relevant, high-quality research focused on the social and behavioral contexts for academic learning and the use of mental health strategies in educational practice to improve student outcomes. The goal was to provide these fellows with the expertise necessary to become academic leaders conducting rigorous studies on the development, implementation, and impact of mental health strategies for all students.

Project Activities: As part of their fellowships, each SMART PREP fellow was paired with a senior mentor with whom they worked closely on existing funded development, evaluation, and measurement projects. Mentors also aided the fellows to develop grant-writing, manuscript preparation, analytic, communication and other skills necessary of education researchers. Fellows also (1) participated in coursework relevant to their individualized professional development plan; (2) interacted meaningfully with partners from schools, districts, and state or local education authorities; and (3) were immersed in a broad community of scholars working in multiple academic settings at the UW School MH Assessment, Research, and Training (SMART) Center (, and its network of national colleagues.

Key Outcomes: Upon completion of the project in 2023, all four completed fellows had published widely, presented internationally, and successfully secured academic positions in which they are conducting education research focused on the social and behavioral contexts for academic learning and the use of mental health strategies in educational practice.


Corbin, Catherine (ORCID)
Gaias, Larissa (ORCID)
Hugh, Maria (ORCID)
Zulauf-McCurdy, Courtney (ORCID)

As of the closing of the grant in 2023, Dr. Corbin was an assistant professor in the College of Education at the University of Florida, Dr. Gaias was an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Dr. Hugh was an assistant professor at Kansas University, and Dr. Zulauf-McCurdy was an assistant professor at the University of Washington.

Products and Publications

ERIC Citations: Find available citations in ERIC for this award here.

Project Websites:

Additional Online Resources and Information: Below are links to the fellows' professional websites.

Selected Publications by the Fellows:

Ahlers, K., Hugh, M. L., Frederick, L., & Locke, J. (2021). Two sides of the same coin: A qualitative study of multiple stakeholder perspectives on factors associated with implementation of evidence-based practices for children with autism in elementary schools. In International Review of Research in Developmental Disabilities (Vol. 61, pp. 99–132). Academic Press.

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