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IES Grant

Title: Research Institute for Scholars in Education (RISE)
Center: NCER Year: 2017
Principal Investigator: Hankerson, Shenika Awardee: University of Maryland, College Park
Program: Pathways to the Education Sciences Research Training Program      [Program Details]
Award Period: 5 years (7/1/2017–6/30/2022) Award Amount: $1,070,650
Type: Training Award Number: R305B170018

Co-Principal Investigator: William Drakeford (Bowie State University)

Partner Institution: Bowie State University

The new Research Institute for Scholars in Education (RISE) training program at the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) and Bowie State University (BSU) is designed to provide undergraduate juniors and seniors with experiences in conducting education research while preparing participants for doctoral study. The training program will include faculty and students from both universities. Over the course of the five-year grant, RISE will offer up to 48 students one-year fellowships.

The RISE training program's theme focuses on language and literacy. As part of the year-long training program, fellows will receive training in education research, conduct research with faculty mentors, and receive assistance in applying to doctoral study. The training program includes a summer research seminar, followed by a two-semester research apprenticeship with UMCP faculty mentors, and academic mentoring from BSU faculty. The training program also includes a winter session workshop. By the end of the training, fellows will have gained:

  • disciplinary knowledge (e.g., knowledge of educational issues in language and literacy from pre-K through adolescence, and for academically, culturally and linguistically diverse children and youth),
  • research and scholarship skills (e.g., skill in designing and implementing empirical studies on language and literacy), and
  • professional knowledge (e.g., communication skills, both oral and written, and information about identifying and applying to graduate school programs in language or literacy).

For participation in the training program, each fellow will receive a stipend and a small allowance for travel.

Project website:

Increasing Diversity in the Education Sciences

A primary purpose of all Pathways training programs is to help increase diversity in the Education Sciences. RISE represents a partnership between two Maryland Universities that serve diverse student populations: the University of Maryland, College Park and Bowie State University, a historically black university. The program intends to recruit underrepresented students and students with disabilities. Participating faculty represent multiple academic disciplines and research expertise relevant to the training program's language and literacy theme.