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IES Grant

Title: Coh-Metrix: Automated Cohesion and Coherence Scores to Predict Text Readability and Facilitate Comprehension
Center: NCER Year: 2002
Principal Investigator: McNamara, Danielle Awardee: University of Memphis
Program: Literacy      [Program Details]
Award Period: 3 years Award Amount: $1,477,200
Type: Measurement Award Number: R305G020018

Co-Principal Investigators: Graesser, Arthur; Louwerse, Max

Purpose:In the early 2000s, the tools used to determine the readability of texts were severely limited, may not have helped schools or researchers appropriately identify texts that are well-matched to readers, and may have been paradoxically aggravating comprehension difficulties. To address this issue, the research team proposed to develop two automated tools: Coh-Metrix and Coh-GIT. These tools aimed to enable writers, editors, and educators to more accurately estimate the appropriateness of a text for their audience and to pinpoint specific problems with the text. As part of their studies, the researchers used these tools to experimentally examine the effects of text cohesion on reading comprehension with respect to reader aptitudes (such as prior knowledge, reading ability, and motivation) in third- to fifth-grade students and college undergraduates.

Related IES Projects: Center for the Study of Adult Literacy (CSAL): Developing Instructional Approaches Suited to the Cognitive and Motivational Needs for Struggling Adults (R305C120001)

Products and Publications

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Select Publications:


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Book chapters

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Journal articles

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