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IES Grant

Title: Scaling Up a Language and Literacy Development Program at the Pre-Kindergarten Level
Center: NCER Year: 2002
Principal Investigator: Landry, Susan H. Awardee: University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Program: Early Learning Programs and Policies      [Program Details]
Award Period: 5 years Award Amount: $5,925,630
Type: Scale-Up Evaluations Award Number: R305W020002

The purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness of "business as usual" to that of 4 professional development (PD) programs for teachers of at-risk preschool children. The team implemented a 2 x 2 design to cross mentoring and progress monitoring conditions among the 4 PD programs. Specifically, some teachers received both in-classroom mentoring and detailed, instructionally linked feedback concerning children's progress in language and literacy. Some teachers received no mentoring but did receive the detailed, instructionally linked feedback concerning children's progress. Some teachers received in-classroom mentoring but only limited feedback on children's progress, which was not linked to curricular activities. Finally, some teachers received no mentoring and only limited feedback concerning children's progress. All 4 PD conditions included the same year-long, facilitated online course that emphasized language and literacy instruction, practice of learned material in one's classroom, and participation in online message boards with fellow teachers. Across 4 states, 158 schools (N = 262 classrooms) were randomly assigned to 1 of the 4 PD conditions or business as usual.

Key Outcomes: The condition that included online coursework combined with mentoring and detailed, instructionally linked feedback yielded the greatest improvements in teaching behavior and children's school readiness.

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Products and Publications

ERIC Citations: Find available citations in ERIC for this award here.

Select Publications:

Journal articles Landry, S.H., Anthony, J.L., Swank, P.R., and Monseque-Bailey, P. (2009). Effectiveness of Comprehensive Professional Development for Teachers of At-Risk Preschoolers. Journal of Educational Psychology, 101(2): 488–465.

** This project was submitted to and funded under the Interagency Education Research Initiative in FY 2002.