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IES Grant

Title: Using Television to Expand the Vocabulary of Beginning Readers
Center: NCER Year: 2005
Principal Investigator: Shanahan, Daniel Awardee: Sirius Thinking, Ltd.
Program: Small Business Innovation Research      [Program Details]
Award Period: 6 months Award Amount: $471,599
Type: Phase I Development Award Number: R305S050042

Purpose: Researchers have identified vocabulary as an essential component of literacy development and a strong predictor of later reading ability. Young students who do not have large vocabularies often struggle to comprehend what they are reading. One medium that may have great potential in facilitating the development of children's vocabulary is educational television. The purpose of this project is to produce vocabulary building video segments and embedding these segments in the popular children's educational television series Between the Lions.

Project Activities: This research team is developing video segments to be embedded in the Between the Lions television program. They are also developing a computer-based version of the videos accompanied by interactive electronic storybooks and a linked animated dictionary. An initial evaluation of these products will assess the effects of these technologies on kindergarten and first grade children in two New York City public schools.

Products: Products will include six vocabulary-building segments that employ a number of instructional techniques, an animated dictionary linked to an electronic storybook, a computer-based interface that includes electronic storybooks from the show Between the Lions, and an animated dictionary linked to selected words from the storybooks.

Project Website: