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IES Grant

Title: Ho'okele: Using Data to Achieve Equity
Center: NCES Year: 2019
Principal Investigator: Fukada, Jan Awardee: Hawaii State Department of Education
Program: Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems Grant Program      [Program Details]
Award Amount: $3,500,000
Type: Longitudinal Data System Award Number: R372A200018

Ho'okele is the Hawaiian word for a steersman who guides a canoe and its paddlers safely to its destination. Likewise, this proposal endeavors to continue to guide Hawaii's policy and decision-makers to use information for the improvement of educational and workforce outcomes for the state's most vulnerable populations. HIDOE will be the grantee and will subcontract Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education (Hawaii P-20), a unit of the University of Hawaii system, for project management. HIDOE's Data Governance and Analysis (DGA) Branch will work with Hawaii P-20 to implement and complete the planned deliverables under this proposal. HIDOE will also participate in testing the School-Level Poverty Measure.

The project will produce three major outcomes that will strengthen Hawaii's culture of data use for achieving greater equity for students:

1) Cross-Sector Equity-focused Convenings
Outcome 1 will create the space and process for collaboration that will strengthen cross-sector relationships and support more rigorous evaluation and research for three high-impact equity topics. The resultant increased understanding of participants and initiatives across Hawaii's education-to-workforce pipeline will help to: reduce inefficiencies; increase seamless transfers of students; identify gaps that are barriers to equity; provide opportunities to disseminate research and program outcomes; and leverage resources and supports for vulnerable students.

2) Data Governance and Sustainability
Outcome 2 will focus on improving and sustaining data governance in order to support equity research without sacrificing individual privacy and confidentiality. Strong governance ensures that the appropriate use of data will align with each data owner's concerns and practices, build trust for sharing data, strengthen relationships among agencies, and increase research opportunities.

3) Data Products, Training, and Evaluation
Outcome 3 will focus on creating data products to support the proposed activities and products generated through the cross-sector equity-focused convenings. Outcome 3 will also create trainings for HIDOE educators and other data users to support the introduction of new products and evaluate user feedback.

This project will continue to promote awareness of both the K–12 LDS and the P20W SLDS to increase the use of information to guide policy and practice. Once this work is complete, state policy-makers, decision-makers, and practitioners will be well-positioned to leverage strong cross-sector collaborations that use data to ensure that the most vulnerable student populations are ready and able to achieve their educational and workforce goals.