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IES Grant

Title: Expanding SLDS Infrastructure with New Data Sources to Enhance Equity
Center: NCES Year: 2019
Principal Investigator: Gopalakrishnan, Ajit Awardee: Connecticut Department of Education
Program: Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems Grant Program      [Program Details]
Award Amount: $3,234,566
Award Number: R372A200008

Governor Lamont and state leaders have prioritized using data to improve education for students of all ages. To support this goal, Connecticut has successfully implemented and sustained a statewide P20W longitudinal data system that is grounded in the principles of data management, strong interagency partnerships, robust governance, and is comprised of two interlocking parts.

  • CSDE Data Warehouse — EdSight: CSDE has developed and implemented a longitudinal data warehouse (EdSight that supports its priority initiatives (e.g., ESSA accountability, assessment, district/school report cards, early warning system, data sharing, EdFacts reporting). EdSight offers public and secure portals to support decision-making.
  • P20 WIN: Connecticut has established and sustained a federated interagency partnership called P20 Workforce Information Network (P20 WIN that offers data interoperability through nationally recognized structures of data governance and federated data matching. Agency partners in P20 WIN represent the full continuum of education and workforce from early childhood and K–12 to postsecondary education (both public and private) and labor. Studies completed include the postsecondary remediation and credit attainment of high school graduates, employment and wage outcomes for postsecondary education programs, the labor market effects of technical high schools, and a study to improve high school to workforce data exchanges.

The proposed project has the following goal and related outcomes. They will expand the infrastructure of P20 WIN by adding new data sources and staffing so that Connecticut has the capacity to understand and address the needs of students especially those who are at-risk.

Goal - Expand P20 WIN Membership and Accelerate Data Use:

  • Outcome 1 - Add Data Sources. Connecticut proposes to add data sources to P20 WIN including social services, child welfare, higher education financial aid, and homelessness. These data will enhance the quality of information derived from P20 WIN studies and help improve education programs for the betterment of Connecticut's most vulnerable citizens.
  • Outcome 2 - Build Analytic Capacity. This project will also expand P20 WIN's analytic capacity across the participating agencies by hiring one staff member at each agency to form an improved Data Steward Committee responsible for data preparation and analysis.
  • Outcome 3 - Boost Data Matching Capacity. The project will secure data matching capability for its federated system by hiring a dedicated data matching analyst and implementing a more robust tech stack.
  • Outcome 4 - Produce Research and Corresponding Data Tools: With the added analytic capacity at the Participating Agencies and partnerships with researchers, Connecticut will conduct research into five primary topics and produce interactive data tools that will increase data access, and support data use for better policy that improves education for all students.