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IES Contract

Title: LoomVue Browser: Supporting Language Learning With a Dynamic Diglot Weave
Center: NCER Year: 2020
Principal Investigator: Rowberry, Grant Awardee: King’s Peak Technology, Inc.
Program: Small Business Innovation Research      [Program Details]
Award Period: 8 months (06/15/2020 – 02/15/2021) Award Amount: $199,951
Type: Phase I Development Award Number: 91990020C0075

This project will develop a prototype of an online program to support students in middle and high school who are English learners (ELs) in reading passages in English. The prototype will present passages as diglot weave texts. These texts are created by blending English and Spanish words together, with passages continually changing as readers gain skill in the target language. The prototype will include a machine learning engine that automatically translates single words or small phrases into a target language to support vocabulary acquisition and improved reading comprehension. At the end of Phase 1, in a research study with 100 middle school EL students, researchers will determine whether the prototype functions as intended, whether students are engaged when reading passages, whether the passages adjust to the reading level of the individual students, and whether the prototype shows promise for supporting the acquisition of the English language.