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IES Contract

Title: Online Oral Phonological Awareness Assessment
Center: NCER Year: 2021
Principal Investigator: Borek, Tyler Awardee: Literably
Program: Small Business Innovation Research      [Program Details]
Award Period: 8 months (05/01/2021 – 01/02/2022) Award Amount: $200,000
Type: Phase I Development Award Number: 91990021C0024

In prior research and development, the company developed Literably, a student administered oral reading fluency assessment that automatically generates scores across key domains as students read aloud. The research team will develop a new prototype to assess early grade school students' phonological awareness, their ability to identify and manipulate the sounds of spoken language. The prototype will prompt students to complete a phonological awareness task by reading aloud into a device, and after the human transcription and automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine will score the student's oral responses.  At the end of Phase I, in a pilot study with 20 grade one to three school educators and 400 students, the researchers will examine whether the prototype functions as intended, the ease of students self-administering the assessments, the accuracy of the results of the assessment, and whether educators believe the tasks were age-appropriate and that the scores could be used to inform instruction.