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IES Contract

Title: Delivering and Demystifying Data for Literacy Leaders to Transform Reading Outcomes at Scale
Center: NCER Year: 2021
Principal Investigator: Siegal, Sarah Awardee: Learning Ovations
Program: Small Business Innovation Research      [Program Details]
Award Period: 2 years (05/01/2021 – 04/30/2023) Award Amount: $900,000
Type: Phase II Development Award Number: 91990021C0041

Purpose: The research team developed a data dashboard to present data driven insights on student literacy outcomes to district administrators, school leaders, and educators. The components of the project were integrated within an existing platform developed though prior IES funding that supports individualized literacy instruction, Assessment-to-instruction, or A2i. Differentiated instruction is a key to children becoming proficient readers and often requires a systems-level solution. When data are easier to access and understand, the pathway to a differentiated learning environment for children becomes more navigable.

Project Activities: In Phase I in 2020, the project team developed a web-based dashboard for school leaders that presents personalized results for each student. The prototype migrates data from different sources and uses a data engine to curate recommendations for individual and groups of students. At the end of Phase I, the researchers conducted a pilot study with 10 school leaders. Results demonstrated the prototype successfully generated reports at the school, classroom, and individual level and captured how much time school leaders spent with the prototype. Results also demonstrated that all school leaders who used the prototype believe it provided useful information to inform decision making.

In Phase II, the team fully developed a user-friendly data dashboard that presents actionable reports, generates notifications, and that is designed to foster collaboration across users at multiple levels, including educators, school leaders, and district administrators. Through iterative studies the researchers assessed and demonstrated the usability and feasibility, and fidelity of implementation of the dashboard. In 2022, Learning Ovations was acquired by Scholastic and per the requirements of the SBIR program, the contract was terminated prior to the completion of the pilot study that had been planned.

Products: Through previous projects supported by IES, ED/IES SBIR, and other sources, the project team developed A2i, an intervention to support students in Kindergarten to grade 3 to read at or above grade level. In A2i, students take web-delivered assessments throughout the school year which track progress across literacy skills, including vocabulary, decoding, word reading, spelling, sentence and paragraph writing, comprehension, and inferencing. This project developed a dashboard for users of the A2i at different levels of the education system, including district personnel, school level administrators, and educators, to support the feasible delivery, navigation, and sharing of data and reports. The project developed and integrated an active notification system into the dashboards for just-in-time email reminders or "push notifications," guidance on next steps, and automated updates to support users in understanding data through actionable next steps displayed on the dashboards. In 2022, Learning Ovations was acquired by Scholastic, with plans for the A2i technology to be integrated within their suite of education offerings.

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