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IES Grant

Title: The Berkeley Research Experience and Methodology (BREM) Program
Center: NCER Year: 2007
Principal Investigator: Wilson, Mark Awardee: University of California, Berkeley
Program: Postdoctoral Research Training Program in the Education Sciences      [Program Details]
Award Period: 4 years Award Amount: $624,400
Type: Training Award Number: R305A070254

In the Berkeley Research Experience and Methodology Program, postdoctoral fellows investigated which characteristics, resources, and practices of teachers led to educationally significant differences in the students they taught.  One methodological focus of the training program was multilevel or hierarchical modeling and the design and analysis of both randomized and observational studies in the presence of clustering.  A second methodological focus was measurement models and the design and analysis of educational assessments.  The fellows were engaged in multiple projects to develop and evaluate educational programs and, in particular, to develop and evaluate assessment systems in education. 

Postdoctoral Fellows

Ayers, Elizabeth
Bein, Edward
Dray, Amy (ORCID)
Feldman, Betsy J.

As of 2020, Dr. Ayers was a lead psychometrician at the American Institutes for Research, Dr. Bein was a statistician at the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Dray was a program officer at the Spencer Foundation, and Dr. Feldman was an information security operations analyst at Costco Wholesale.


Book chapter

Lehrer, R., Kim, M-J., Ayers, E., and Wilson, R. (2014). Toward Establishing a Learning Progression to Support the Development of Statistical Reasoning. Learning Over Time: Learning Trajectories in Mathematics Education (pp. 31–60). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishers.

Journal article, monograph, or newsletter

Ayers, E., Rabe-Hesketh, S., and Nugent, R. (2013). Incorporating Student Covariates in Cognitive Diagnosis Models. Journal of Classification, 30(2): 195–224. doi:10.1007/s00357-013-9130-y

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Dray, A.J., and Selman, R.L. (2010). Culture and Comprehension: A Mixed-Methods Study of Children's Responses to a Fictional Story About Interracial Conflict. Reading and Writing Quarterly, 27: 48–74. doi:10.1080/10573569.2011.532714

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