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IES Grant

Title: The Continued Development of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE)
Center: NCER Year: 2008
Principal Investigator: Hedges, Larry Awardee: Northwestern University
Program: Unsolicited and Other Awards      [Program Details]
Award Period: 2 years Award Amount: $656,978
Type: Other Goal Award Number: R305U080004

Co-Principal Investigator: Mark Constas

The Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE) was founded in 2005 as a scientific organization that could support the growing community of researchers interested in the development and application of scientific methods to produce estimates of the causal effects of education interventions. The society aims to increase the capacity to design and conduct investigations that have a strong base for causal inference, bring together people investigating cause-and-effect relations in education, and promote the understanding and use of scientific evidence to improve education decisions and outcomes. The specific goals of this project include sustaining the progress already made under a previous Institute of Education Sciences grant, including continuing to promote membership, holding annual SREE research conferences, and publishing the Journal for Research in Educational Effectiveness, as well as developing organizational sustainability with regard to financial and governing stability.

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