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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Type Year Center
Assessing ASL Knowledge and its Relationship to Reading English in Deaf Children Reading, Writing, and Language Hoffmeister, Robert Boston University Measurement 2010 NCSER
Decision Rule Research Project: Curriculum-Based Measurement in Reading Reading, Writing, and Language Christ, Theodore University of Minnesota Measurement 2013 NCSER
Formative Assessment and Instrumentation Procedures for Reading Reading, Writing, and Language Christ, Theodore University of Minnesota Measurement 2009 NCSER
Investigating the Technical Adequacy of Progress Monitoring Measures for Kindergarten Students at Risk for Reading Disabilities Reading, Writing, and Language Clemens, Nathan University of Texas, Austin Measurement 2013 NCSER
Reliability and Validity Evidence for Progress Measures in Reading Reading, Writing, and Language Tindal, Gerald University of Oregon Measurement 2010 NCSER
Response-To-Intervention as an Approach to Preventing and Identifying Learning Disabilities in Reading Reading, Writing, and Language Compton, Donald Vanderbilt University Measurement 2006 NCSER
Spanish Screener for Language Impairment in Children (SSLIC) Reading, Writing, and Language Restrepo, Maria Adelaida Arizona State University Measurement 2008 NCSER
Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills Validation Research Reading, Writing, and Language Nelson, Nickola Western Michigan University Measurement 2010 NCSER
Using the International Classification of Function-Children & Youth to Guide Communication Instruction for Augmentative and Alternative Communication Users Reading, Writing, and Language Rowland, Charity Oregon Health and Science University Measurement 2009 NCSER
Validating DIBELS 8th Edition as a Screener for Dyslexia (AIP2) Reading, Writing, and Language Kennedy, Patrick C. University of Oregon Measurement 2021 NCSER
Validity of a Nonspeech, Dynamic Assessment of the Alphabetic Principle (DAAP) Reading, Writing, and Language Saunders, Kathryn University of Kansas Measurement 2020 NCSER

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