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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Type Year Center
TIPS EdTech: Developing Professional Development and Online Applications to Support Team-Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) within Multi-Tiered Support Systems Technology for Special Education Chaparro, Erin University of Oregon Development and Innovation 2017 NCSER
An Intervention to Provide Youth with Visual Impairments with Strategies to Access Graphical Information in Math Word Problems Technology for Special Education Gage, Nicholas University of Florida Development and Innovation 2016 NCSER
AnimalWatch-VI Suite: A Comprehensive Program to Increase Access to Mathematics for Students with Visual Impairments Technology for Special Education Beal, Carole University of Arizona Development and Innovation 2012 NCSER
Betty's Mind: A Theory of Mind and Social Reasoning Intervention for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders Based on a Learning by Teaching Approach Technology for Special Education Kunda, Maithilee Vanderbilt University Development and Innovation 2018 NCSER
Development of a Game-based Integrated Learning and Assessment System to Target Whole Number Concepts (Project NumberShire) Technology for Special Education Fien, Hank University of Oregon Development and Innovation 2012 NCSER
Development of a Game-Supported Intervention to Improve Learning and Study Strategies among At-Risk Students Technology for Special Education Schultz, Brandon K. East Carolina University Development and Innovation 2018 NCSER
Keys to Writing Smarter: An Online Writing Workbench for Students with High-Incidence Disabilities Technology for Special Education Hall, Tracey Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) Development and Innovation 2017 NCSER
Project DataWall: A Decision Support System for MTSS Technology for Special Education Sailor, Wayne University of Kansas Development and Innovation 2019 NCSER
Project SCORE IT: Developing and Evaluating Interactive Technology to Support Self-Monitoring and Data-Based Decision Making in the Classroom Technology for Special Education Bruhn, Allison University of Iowa Development and Innovation 2016 NCSER

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