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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Goal Year Center
An Exploration of Novice Teachers' Core Competencies: Impacts on Student Achievement and Effectiveness of Preparation Effective Instruction Seidel, Kent University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Exploration 2012 NCER
Assessing the Use of Assessments: Assessment, Instructional Practices, and Math Gains in Kindergarten Effective Instruction Vitiello, Virginia University of Virginia Exploration 2019 NCER
Examining Teacher Math Anxiety as a Malleable Factor Related to Student Outcomes Effective Instruction Ganley, Colleen Florida State University Exploration 2017 NCER
Exploratory Study of the UTeach STEM Preparation Program and the Effectiveness of UTeach Teachers Effective Instruction Dodson, Melissa Southwest Educational Development Corporation (SEDL) Exploration 2015 NCER
Exploring Alterable Variables in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Instruction: A Collaboration Across Interdisciplinary Fields of Observational Research (Project CIFOR) Effective Instruction Doabler, Christian University of Oregon Exploration 2015 NCER
Exploring Competing Theories of How Teacher Accountability Reforms Affect Teacher Labor Markets and Student Achievement Effective Instruction Kraft, Matthew Brown University Exploration 2017 NCER
Exploring Effective Reading Comprehension Instruction: Classroom Practice, Teacher, and Student Characteristics Effective Instruction Connor, Carol M. University of California, Irvine Exploration 2013 NCER
Exploring Elementary Teachers' Feelings, Beliefs, and Effectiveness across Mathematics, Science, and Literacy Effective Instruction McLean, Leigh Arizona State University Exploration 2018 NCER
Fourth and Fifth Graders' Growth in Writing Knowledge, Motivation, and Performance: The Influence of Teacher Instruction and Assessment Practices in the Context of Common Core State Standards Effective Instruction Troia, Gary Michigan State University Exploration 2016 NCER
Identifying the Conditions Under which Large Scale Professional Development Policy Initiatives are Related to Teacher Knowledge, Instructional Practices, and Student Reading Outcomes Effective Instruction Roehrig, Alysia Florida State University Exploration 2005 NCER
Investigating How and Under What Conditions Effective Professional Development Increases Student Achievement in Elementary Science Effective Instruction Little, Judith University of California, Berkeley Exploration 2015 NCER
Learning From the Source: Can We Elicit Better Applicant Information Directly From Professional References? Effective Instruction Goldhaber, Dan American Institutes for Research (AIR) Exploration 2017 NCER
Modeling and Developing Situation Awareness in Teachers Effective Instruction Miller, Kevin University of Michigan Exploration 2007 NCER
Student Learning as a Function of Exposure to Teachers' Use of Cognitive Processing Language During Instruction Effective Instruction Coffman, Jennifer University of North Carolina, Greensboro Exploration 2017 NCER
Tailoring Teaching to Fit the Class: Teaching Practice and Classroom Composition Under Random Assignment Effective Instruction Fruehwirth, Jane University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Exploration 2017 NCER
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