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Para-Impact: Professional Development with Teacher-as-Coach for Paraeducators of Elementary Students with Moderate to Severe Developmental Disabilities Professional Development for Educators and School-Based Service Providers Mason, Rose Purdue University Development and Innovation 2018 NCSER
Training Teachers to Teach Vocabulary (T3V): A Professional Development Intervention for Toddler and Preschool Teachers Serving Children at Risk for Communication Difficulties Early Intervention and Early Learning in Special Education Hindman, Annemarie Temple University Development and Innovation 2018 NCSER
5E Model Professional Development in Science Education for Special Educators (5E-SESE) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Karvonen, Meagan University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc. Development and Innovation 2018 NCSER
A Close Inspection of the Academic Language Used by K-3 Students Reading and Writing Spencer, Trina University of South Florida Exploration 2018 NCER
A Conceptual Replication of BEST in CLASS: An Efficacy Study of BEST in CLASS-Elementary Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning Sutherland, Kevin Virginia Commonwealth University Efficacy and Replication 2018 NCER
A Leaky Pipeline: Community College Students and Pathways to the Bachelor’s Degree Postsecondary and Adult Education Logue, Alexandra City University of New York Exploration 2018 NCER
A Longitudinal Efficacy Study of the Montessori Preschool Model on Academic and Social-Emotional Outcomes Early Learning Programs and Policies Faria, Ann-Marie American Institutes for Research (AIR) Efficacy and Replication 2018 NCER
A More Perfect Union Small Business Innovation Research Trefry, Greg Gigantic Mechanic Phase I Development 2018 NCER
A Novel Platform for High-Quality Formative Assessment in Mathematics Small Business Innovation Research Milne, Brent Simbulus, Inc. Phase II Development 2018 NCER
A Regression Discontinuity Study of the Impact of ALFA Lab on 9th-Graders' Reading Achievement, Motivation, and Reading Frequency Reading and Writing Mac Iver, Douglas Johns Hopkins University Efficacy and Replication 2018 NCER
A Research Partnership to Improve the Quality of Pre-K Classroom Practices Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in Education Research Kamata, Akihito Southern Methodist University Researcher-Practitioner Partnership 2018 NCER
A Study of "Discipline in the Secondary Classroom": A Positive Approach to Behavior Management Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning Sumi, W. Carl SRI International Efficacy and Replication 2018 NCER
Adaptation of an Effective Tier II Behavior Intervention for Students in Secondary Schools Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning Flannery, K. Brigid University of Oregon Development and Innovation 2018 NCER
Advancing Middle School Teachers' Understanding of Proportional Reasoning for Teaching Effective Instruction Copur-Gencturk, Yasemin University of Southern California Development and Innovation 2018 NCER
An Efficacy Trial to Evaluate Supporting Paraprofessionals by Advancing Reading Intervention Knowledge and Skill (SPARK) Reading, Writing, and Language Development Lemons, Christopher Vanderbilt University Efficacy and Replication 2018 NCSER
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