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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Type Year Center
Supporting the Educational Attainment of Active and Former English Learners in High School in Chicago English Learners Allensworth, Elaine University of Chicago Exploration 2022 NCER
Technology-interactive Classroom-embedded Modules for Measuring Challenging Math and Science Skills of ELs English Learners Kopriva, Rebecca University of Wisconsin, Madison Measurement 2014 NCER
The Effect of Definitions, Contextual Support, and Cognate Status on 4th Grade Spanish-speaking English Learners' (ELLs) Understanding of Unfamiliar Words in Text English Learners Carlo, Maria University of South Florida Exploration 2015 NCER
The Iterative Development of Modules to Support Teachers' Engagement in Exploring Language and Meaning in Text with English Language Learners English Learners Schleppegrell, Mary University of Michigan Development and Innovation 2010 NCER
What Does It Take to Develop Writing Skills for Spanish-speaking English Learners? A Longitudinal Examination of Co-development of Language, Cognitive, and Writing Skills English Learners Kim, Young-Suk University of California, Irvine Exploration 2018 NCER
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