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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Goal Year Center
Using Adaptive Practice to Improve Recall and Understanding in Postsecondary Anatomy and Physiology Postsecondary and Adult Education Pavlik, Philip University of Memphis Development and Innovation 2019 NCER
Exploring the Experiences and Outcomes of English Learners in Community College Postsecondary and Adult Education Edgecombe, Nicole Columbia University, Teachers College Exploration 2019 NCER
The Higher Education Randomized Controlled Trial (THE-RCT) Project: Synthesizing Evidence from 15+ Years of RCTs in Postsecondary Education Postsecondary and Adult Education Weiss, Michael MDRC Exploration 2019 NCER
Reducing Summer Melt: Text Messaging Effectiveness Postsecondary and Adult Education LiCalsi, Christina American Institutes for Research (AIR) Replication Effectiveness 2019 NCER
The Relationship Between Course-taking Patterns and Postsecondary Outcomes Postsecondary and Adult Education Ogut, Burhan American Institutes for Research (AIR) Exploration 2019 NCER
Enhancing Undergraduate STEM Education by Integrating Mobile Learning Technologies with Natural Language Processing Postsecondary and Adult Education Menekse, Muhsin Purdue University Development and Innovation 2018 NCER
Multiple-choice Online Causal Comprehension Assessment for Postsecondary Students (MOCCA-College): Measuring Individual Differences in Reading Comprehension Ability of Struggling College Readers by Text Type Postsecondary and Adult Education Seipel, Ben California State University, Chico Measurement 2018 NCER
Efficacy of Viridis Learning Tool: A Technology-Based Approach to Advising and Job Matching Postsecondary and Adult Education Karam, Rita RAND Corporation Efficacy and Replication 2018 NCER
Identifying Risk Factors and Predictors of Literacy Skills for Adults Performing at the Lowest Levels of PIAAC in the United States Postsecondary and Adult Education Tighe, Elizabeth Georgia State University Exploration 2018 NCER
Evaluating Incentives for Full-time Enrollment at California Community Colleges Postsecondary and Adult Education Martorell, Francisco E. University of California, Davis Efficacy and Replication 2018 NCER
Underrepresented Student Learning in Online Introductory STEM College Courses Postsecondary and Adult Education Perry, Michelle University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Exploration 2018 NCER
A Leaky Pipeline: Community College Students and Pathways to the Bachelor’s Degree Postsecondary and Adult Education Logue, Alexandra City University of New York Exploration 2018 NCER
The Effects of College Aid Programs: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Postsecondary and Adult Education LaSota, Robin Development Services Group, Inc. Exploration 2018 NCER
It's Worth It! Securing Persistence, Performance and Progress within Postsecondary Gateway Science Courses through Utility Value Interventions Postsecondary and Adult Education Eccles, Jacquelynne University of California, Irvine Efficacy and Replication 2017 NCER
A Mixed-Methods Study of Middle-Aged and Older Adults: Lifelong Learning, Skill Proficiencies, and Employment in the U.S. and Selected OECD Countries Postsecondary and Adult Education Cummins, Phyllis Miami University Exploration 2017 NCER
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