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"Boys Have It; Girls Have to Work for It": The Development and Consequences of Gender Stereotypes About Natural Talent vs. Effort in Mathematics Cognition and Student Learning Cimpian, Andrei New York University Exploration 2020 NCER
Enfoque en Ciencia: Extending the Cultural and Linguistic Validity of a Computer Adaptive Assessment of Science Readiness for Use with Young Latino Children Early Learning Programs and Policies Greenfield, Daryl University of Miami Measurement 2013 NCER
HATCH: A Binge-Worthy Educational TV Show Small Business Innovation Research Stockton, Chad Caprock Creative Phase I Development 2021 NCER
4KW: A Multimedia System for Ensuring that Grade School Students Know the Meaning of the 4,000 Most Frequently Used English Words Small Business Innovation Research Sales, Gregory Seward Incorporated Fast Track 2007 NCER
A Classroom-based Training Program of Attention and Emotion Regulation Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Context for Teaching and Learning Flook, Lisa University of Wisconsin, Madison Development and Innovation 2014 NCER
A Close Inspection of the Academic Language Used by K-3 Students Literacy Spencer, Trina University of South Florida Exploration 2018 NCER
A Clustered Randomized Trial of Function-based Check-In/Check Out Low-Cost, Short-Duration Evaluation of Education Interventions Klingbeil, David University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Efficacy 2016 NCER
A Cognitive Approach to Implementing Tree Thinking in High School and College Biology Curricula Cognition and Student Learning Novick, Laura Vanderbilt University Development and Innovation 2008 NCER
A Cognitive Science Investigation of Struggling Adult Readers' Skills Postsecondary and Adult Education McKoon, Gail Ohio State University Exploration 2012 NCER
A Collaborative Interface for Teacher-Student Interaction in Virtual Environments Small Business Innovation Research Krajewski, John Strange Loop Games Phase I Development 2017 NCER
A Collaborative Use of a State Longitudinal Data System: A Study of the Washington College Grant Program Using Longitudinal Data to Support State Education Policymaking Unterman, Rebecca MDRC Exploration 2023 NCER
A Comprehensive Measure of Reading Fluency: Uniting and Scaling Accuracy, Rate, and Prosody Literacy Nese, Joseph University of Oregon Measurement 2020 NCER
A Comprehensive Online Literacy Assessment with Oral Assessment of Foundational Skills Small Business Innovation Research Borek, Tyler Literably Phase II Development 2022 NCER
A Comprehensive Research-Based Computer Assessment and Accommodation System for ELL Students Policies, Practices, and Programs to Support English Learners Abedi, Jamal University of California, Davis Measurement 2013 NCER
A Comprehensive Tool Supporting Social and Emotional Learning Instruction for Students with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder Small Business Innovation Research Childress, Debra 3-C Institute for Social Development Phase I Development 2015 NCER
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