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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Type Year Center
Experimental Field Study of Cognitive Tutor Geometry Curriculum Field Initiated Evaluations of Education Innovations Pane, John F. RAND Corporation Efficacy and Replication 2005 NCER
Mapping Workforce Certificate and Degree Pathways in Ohio: Are Postsecondary Training Opportunities Setting Students Up for Success? Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in Education Research Daugherty, Lindsay RAND Corporation Researcher-Practitioner Partnership 2019 NCER
Modeling Longitudinal Effects of New York City's 5th Grade Promotion Policy on Student Achievement through a Regression Discontinuity Design Improving Education Systems Mariano, Louis RAND Corporation Efficacy and Replication 2009 NCER
Promoting Adolescents' Social, Emotional, and Academic Development with a Blended Curriculum: An Early Efficacy Study Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Context for Teaching and Learning Schweig, Jonathan RAND Corporation Initial Efficacy 2022 NCER
Reducing Bias and Improving Efficiency of Estimated Teacher Effects from Value-Added Models Statistical and Research Methodology in Education Lockwood, J. R. RAND Corporation Methodological Innovation 2009 NCER
Simultaneous Statistical Inference in Evaluating Teacher Performance Statistical and Research Methodology in Education Han, Bing RAND Corporation Methodological Innovation 2008 NCER
Teacher Licensure Tests and Student Achievement Teaching, Teachers, and the Education Workforce Buddin, Richard RAND Corporation Measurement 2004 NCER
The Effect of Dual-Language Immersion on Student Achievement in the Portland Public Schools Evaluation of State and Local Education Programs and Policies Steele, Jennifer RAND Corporation Efficacy 2012 NCER
The Impact of New Mexico's Teacher Evaluation System on Student Academic Outcomes Teaching, Teachers, and the Education Workforce Mihaly, Kata RAND Corporation Efficacy and Replication 2016 NCER
Using Colorado Longitudinal Data to Address Food Insecurity and Support Equity in Postsecondary Education and Training Using Longitudinal Data to Support State Education Policymaking Daugherty, Lindsay RAND Corporation Exploration 2023 NCER
Using Machine Learning Methods to Improve Regression Discontinuity Designs Statistical and Research Methodology in Education–Early Career Opper, Isaac RAND Corporation Methodological Innovation 2020 NCER
Using Student Achievement Data to Monitor Progress and Performance: Methodological Challenges Presented by COVID-19 Unsolicited and Other Awards Schweig, Jonathan RAND Corporation Other Goal 2020 NCER
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