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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Goal Year Center
Core Academic Language Skills Instrument: Refining the Assessment to Measure and Monitor English Learners' Progress English Learners Uccelli, Paola Harvard University Measurement 2019 NCER
Digital Messaging to Improve College Enrollment and Success Postsecondary and Adult Education Avery, Chris Harvard University Efficacy and Replication 2014 NCER
Partnering in Education Research Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training Programs in the Education Sciences Kane, Thomas Harvard University Training 2015 NCER
Student Outcomes of Integrative Mental Health Services Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning Weisz, John Harvard University Efficacy and Replication 2014 NCER
The Language of Written Argumentation and Explanation: Individual Developmental Trajectories From 4th to 8th Grade Reading and Writing Uccelli, Paola Harvard University Exploration 2017 NCER
The National Center for Rural Education Research Networks (NCRERN) Education Research and Development Centers Kane, Thomas Harvard University Multiple Goals 2019 NCER
The Strategic Data Project for Higher Education Unsolicited and Other Awards Kane, Thomas Harvard University Training 2019 NCER
Understanding and Measuring Treatment Effect Heterogeneity in Large Scale Experiments and Pseudo-Experiments in Education Statistical and Research Methodology in Education Miratrix, Luke Harvard University Methodological Innovation 2015 NCER
Using Contrasting Examples to Support Procedural Flexibility and Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics Cognition and Student Learning Star, Jon Harvard University Development and Innovation 2005 NCER
Word Generation: An Efficacy Trial Reading and Writing Snow, Catherine Harvard University Efficacy and Replication 2009 NCER

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