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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Type Year Center
Developing an Online Learning Environment for Learning Algebra by Teaching a Synthetic Peer Education Technology Matsuda, Noboru North Carolina State University Development and Innovation 2018 NCER
Developing and Refining a Parent Training to Improve Outcomes for African American Children with Autism Early Career Development and Mentoring Pearson, Jamie North Carolina State University Training 2021 NCSER
Improving Conceptual Knowledge in Upper Elementary Science with Scaffolded Sketch-Based Modeling Cognition and Student Learning Lester, James North Carolina State University Development and Innovation 2021 NCER
Professional Online Learning Module (PLOM) Project Unsolicited and Other Awards Johnson, Carla North Carolina State University Other Goal 2020 NCEE
Supporting Reading Comprehension for English Learners Through Inquiry-Based, Language Focused Instruction Policies, Practices, and Programs to Support English Learners Davis, Dennis North Carolina State University Development and Innovation 2020 NCER
Sustaining Pre-K Gains Into Elementary School: Exploring the Role of School-Based Pre-K in Equity, Continuity, and Collaboration Early Learning Programs and Policies Little, Michael North Carolina State University Exploration 2022 NCER
Understanding the Effect of the North Carolina Read to Achieve Program on Student Outcomes Low-Cost, Short-Duration Evaluation of Education Interventions Stallings, Trip North Carolina State University Efficacy 2016 NCER

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