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An Integrative Data Analysis of the Coping Power Program: Exploration of Academic Outcomes, Subgroup Effects, Mechanisms, and Implementation Factors Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning McDaniel, Heather University of Virginia Exploration 2022 NCER
Assessing the Use of Assessments: Assessment, Instructional Practices, and Math Gains in Kindergarten Effective Instruction Vitiello, Virginia University of Virginia Exploration 2019 NCER
Autism Postdoctoral Training Program Addressing the Educational Needs of Pre-K through Secondary Aged Students Postdoctoral Research Training Program in Special Education and Early Intervention Solari, Emily University of Virginia Training 2018 NCSER
Build the FRaME: Using Feedback, Reflection, and Multimedia to Teach Evidence-Based Practices for Effective Classroom Management Educators and School-Based Service Providers Kennedy, Michael University of Virginia Development and Innovation 2020 NCSER
Building an Effective PK-3 Education System: Actionable Aspects of Policies, Programs, Schools, and Classroom Processes that Promote Children's Learning in the Nation's 11th Largest School District Supporting Early Learning From Preschool Through Early Elementary School Grades Network Pianta, Robert C. University of Virginia Exploration and Measurement 2016 NCER
Building Social Competence for School Success through a Continuum of Positive Behavior Supports (CPBS) Early Intervention and Early Learning Snell, Martha University of Virginia Development and Innovation 2008 NCSER
Building State-wide Quality Rating Strategies for Early Childhood System Reform: Lessons From the Development of Louisiana's Kindergarten Readiness System Early Learning Programs and Policies Bassok, Daphna University of Virginia Exploration 2014 NCER
Coping Power for Rural Middle Schoolers: A Tiered Approach to Increasing Behavioral and Mental Health Supports and Reducing Disparities Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning Bradshaw, Catherine University of Virginia Development and Innovation 2019 NCER
Designing Assessment to Enhance English Literacy Development Among Spanish-Speaking Children in Grades K–3 Literacy Invernizzi, Marcia University of Virginia Measurement 2009 NCER
Developing a Research and Policy Agenda to Improve School Climate in Virginia Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in Education Research Miller, Luke University of Virginia Researcher-Practitioner Partnership 2017 NCER
Developing an Early Literacy Assessment for Spanish-Speaking Children in Preschool: PALS español PreK Early Learning Programs and Policies Invernizzi, Marcia University of Virginia Measurement 2013 NCER
Developing Infrastructure and Procedures for the Special Education Research Accelerator Unsolicited and Other Awards: Special Education Research Cook, Bryan University of Virginia Other Goal 2019 NCSER
Developing Methodological Foundations for Replication Sciences Statistical and Research Methodology in Education Wong, Vivian University of Virginia Methodological Innovation 2019 NCER
Development and Validation of the Culturally and Racial Equity Sustaining (CARES) Classroom Assessment System Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning Bottiani, Jessika University of Virginia Measurement 2022 NCER
Development of an Online Course to Improve Teachers' Use of Effective Teacher-Child Interactions During Delivery of Early Literacy and Language Instruction Early Learning Programs and Policies Hamre, Bridget University of Virginia Development and Innovation 2010 NCER
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