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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Type Year Center
Application of Explanatory Item Response Models to Understand Influence of Reader-Text Interactions on Reading Comprehension and Reading Intervention Effects Cognition and Student Learning Francis, David University of Houston Exploration 2017 NCER
Arithmetical and Cognitive Antecedents and Concomitants of Algebraic Skill Cognition and Student Learning Cirino, Paul University of Houston Exploration 2011 NCER
Center for Research on the Educational Achievement and Teaching of English Language Learners (CREATE) Education Research and Development Centers Francis, David University of Houston Multiple Goals 2005 NCER
Cognitive and Linguistic Mediators of Response to Intensive Interventions in Reading for English Learners At-Risk for Learning Disabilities Early Career Development and Mentoring Miciak, Jeremy University of Houston Training 2017 NCSER
Consistency Management & Cooperative Discipline (CMCD): An Efficacy Trial with Students in Third and Fourth Grade Urban Schools Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning Freiberg, Jerome University of Houston Efficacy and Replication 2014 NCER
Cross-Classified Structural Equations Model: Development of an OpenMX Module and its Application to Multiyear Assessment and Intervention Data in Literacy Research Statistical and Research Methodology in Education Mehta, Paras University of Houston Methodological Innovation 2009 NCER
Diagnostic Assessment of Reading Comprehension: Development and Validation Literacy Francis, David University of Houston Measurement 2005 NCER
Gender Stereotypes in STEM: Exploring Developmental Patterns for Prevention Cognition and Student Learning Master, Allison University of Houston Exploration 2018 NCER
Identification of Reading and Language Disabilities in Spanish-Speaking English Learners Systems, Policy, and Finance Francis, David University of Houston Exploration 2016 NCSER
Identifying Optimal Scoring Metrics and Prompt type for Written Expression Curriculum-Based Measurement Literacy Keller-Margulis, Milena University of Houston Measurement 2019 NCER
Improving the Accuracy of Academic Vocabulary Assessment for English Language Learners English Learners Francis, David University of Houston Measurement 2017 NCER
Language and Literacy Abilities in Spanish Language Speaking Children English Learners Branum-Martin, Lee University of Houston Exploration 2010 NCER
Project Families4College (F4C) Postsecondary and Adult Education Gonzalez, Jorge University of Houston Development and Innovation 2013 NCER
Project LISTO: A Longitudinal Investigation of Reading Risk for Adolescent Newcomer English Learners Reading, Writing, and Language Miciak, Jeremy University of Houston Exploration 2022 NCSER
Scale-up Evaluation of Reading Intervention for First Grade English Learners Literacy Francis, David University of Houston Scale-Up Evaluations 2011 NCER
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