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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Type Year Center
A Scalable Growth Mindset Intervention to Raise Achievement and Persistence in Community College Postsecondary and Adult Education Walton, Gregory Stanford University Efficacy and Replication 2015 NCER
Addressing Practical Problems in Achievement Gap Estimation: Nonparametric Methods for Censored Data Statistical and Research Methodology in Education Reardon, Sean Stanford University Methodological Innovation 2011 NCER
An Efficacy Trial to Evaluate Supporting Paraprofessionals by Advancing Reading Intervention Knowledge and Skill (SPARK) Reading, Writing, and Language Lemons, Christopher Stanford University Efficacy and Replication 2018 NCSER
Assessing School Leaders' Development of Management Skills and Leadership: A Longitudinal Mixed-Methods Study Education Leadership Loeb, Susanna Stanford University Exploration 2010 NCER
Beyond Triage: A Randomized Experiment in Sustained Pre-College Advising Evaluation of State and Local Education Programs and Policies Bettinger, Eric Stanford University Efficacy 2013 NCER
Closing the Achievement Gap in Middle School Mathematics Utilizing Stanford University's Education Program for Gifted Youth Differentiated Mathematics Program Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Suppes, Patrick Stanford University Efficacy and Replication 2008 NCER
Content-Rich Vocabulary Development to Improve Reading Achievement of Struggling Adolescent Readers Literacy Goldenberg, Claude Stanford University Development and Innovation 2007 NCER
Designing Contrasting Cases for Inductive Learning Cognition and Student Learning Schwartz, Daniel Stanford University Exploration 2014 NCER
Evaluating the Efficacy of the CLAVES Intervention: An Intervention Focused on Comprehension, Academic Language, and Vocabulary for English Learner Students Policies, Practices, and Programs to Support English Learners Silverman, Rebecca Stanford University Efficacy 2020 NCER
Evaluation of a Random Assignment Intervention to Improve College Choice Among High Achieving, Low Income Students Postsecondary and Adult Education Hoxby, Caroline Stanford University Efficacy and Replication 2010 NCER
Fostering Reliance on Visuospatial Representations to Enhance High School Students' Success in Pre-Calculus Trigonometry Cognition and Student Learning McClelland, James Stanford University Exploration 2015 NCER
Improving Academic Achievement by Teaching Growth Mindsets about Emotion Cognition and Student Learning Gross, James Stanford University Development and Innovation 2012 NCER
Improving the Quality of English Language Arts Teaching through the Use of an Observation Protocol Teaching, Teachers, and the Education Workforce Grossman, Pamela Stanford University Development and Innovation 2011 NCER
Linking Inequities in Educational Opportunities to Inequality in Educational Outcomes: An Exploratory Analysis in New York State Improving Education Systems Reardon, Sean Stanford University Exploration 2022 NCER
Malleable Factors that Influence Outcomes of English Language Learners Improving Education Systems Reardon, Sean Stanford University Exploration 2011 NCER
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