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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Goal Year Center
A Multi-Part Intervention for Accelerating Vocabulary Acquisition through Inductive Transfer Reading and Writing Romance, Nancy Florida Atlantic University Development and Innovation 2009 NCER
A one-year follow-up of evidence-based early reading intervention provided by kindergarten and first grade teachers Reading and Writing Blachman, Benita Syracuse University Efficacy and Replication 2005 NCER
Academic Language and Writing for Children in Kindergarten to Fourth Grade—A Longitudinal Study Reading and Writing Kim, Young-Suk Florida State University Exploration 2013 NCER
An Efficacy Follow-Up Study of the Long-Term Effects of Reading Recovery Under the i3 Scale-Up Reading and Writing May, Henry University of Delaware Efficacy and Replication 2017 NCER
An Efficacy Study of Toggle Talk Reading and Writing Edwards, Jan University of Maryland, College Park Efficacy and Replication 2017 NCER
An Efficacy Trial of Robust Vocabulary Instruction Reading and Writing Apthorp, Helen Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) Efficacy and Replication 2008 NCER
Assessing Online Reading Comprehension: The ORCA Project Reading and Writing Leu, Donald University of Connecticut Measurement 2009 NCER
Assessing Readers Struggling to Comprehend Multiple Sources of Information Reading and Writing Lawless, Kimberly University of Illinois, Chicago Measurement 2005 NCER
Assessing Reading Comprehension with Verbal Protocols and Latent Semantic Analysis Reading and Writing Magliano, Joseph Northern Illinois University Measurement 2004 NCER
Assessment of Comprehension in Older Struggling Readers Reading and Writing Waters, Gloria Boston University Measurement 2010 NCER
Assessment of Comprehension Skills in Older Struggling Readers Reading and Writing Waters, Gloria Boston University Measurement 2005 NCER
Breakthrough to Literacy in the Chicago Public Schools: A Large Scale Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Reading Comprehension Intervention Reading and Writing Hurtig, Richard University of Iowa Scale-Up Evaluations 2004 NCER
Child-Instruction Interactions in Reading: Examining Causal Effects of Individualized Instruction in Second and Third Grade Reading and Writing Connor, Carol M. Florida State University Efficacy and Replication 2007 NCER
Coh-Metrix: Automated Cohesion and Coherence Scores to Predict Text Readability and Facilitate Comprehension Reading and Writing McNamara, Danielle University of Memphis Measurement 2002 NCER
Computer Based Assessment System for Reading (CBAS-R): Skills Analysis and Progress Monitoring Reading and Writing Christ, Theodore University of Minnesota Measurement 2012 NCER
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